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Welcome to HighClub Online Dispensary:

Canada’s Best Online Dispensary.

Based out of our offices in the Gastown area of Downtown Vancouver (home to the world’s largest cannabis farmer’s market, 4/20 Vancouver), we’re different than an Online Dispensary in Canada.

HighClub carries everything from marijuana edibles online in Canada, including chocolate bars, cookies, pot brownies, candies, gummies and more, as well as CBD Oils in Canada to some of the highest quality weed strains you can find anywhere in Canada.

Looking for a safe, secure, and quick way to buy weed online in Canada? Well, you’ve found the best online dispensary in Canada to buy quality products from, including Indica weed, Sativa weed, Hybrid weed, Marijuana Edibles, CBD Oils, Vaporizers, Budder, Shatter, and so much more!

HighClub is a mail order marijuana service that allows Canadians to buy marijuana online in Canada and receive it in only 1-3 business days after it’s processed using Canada Post XpressPost shipping.

After you’ve selected the cannabis products you’d like to purchase, you simply go to your cart, checkout, and you’ll receive your Order Receipt by email with instructions on how to send payment via Interac E-Transfer.

HighClub.ca is simply the safest and most secure way to purchase weed online in Canada.

Legal Notice: HighClub is solely a technology platform that connects licensed medical marijuana producers based in British Columbia and other areas in Canada to people who buy weed online in Canada.