cannabis drinks

Guide to Marijuana Beverages

When it comes to weed edibles, there are many options available for you, ranging from weed gummies, chocolate edibles, and weed brownies. One type of cannabis edibles that’s not as known are marijuana beverages. Marijuana beverages are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike tinctures, which are infused with weed, marijuana beverages are more like cocoa, tea or coffee, or any other beverage that's packed with cannabinoids. The beverages are absorbed into the body through digestion before they enter into the bloodstream. Because of their long-lasting effects, they are ideal for those who are looking for a psychoactive experience -- or for medical use. That being said, there are many different types of marijuana beverages that can be bought online. If you're ambitious enough, you can also make your own beverages. These are becoming an easy and convenient way of consuming weed....

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what you need to know about marijuana

Fast Facts about Marijuana

Did you know that marijuana is the most popular illicit drug across the globe? The drug, which has been legalized for recreational use across Canada for almost a year, has wide-ranging effects on your body. Statistics Canada data for Q2 2019 shows that cannabis use across all provinces in Canada remains steady, with provinces ranging between 10-24% of the population using cannabis in the last 3 months. The drug is also popular with high school students. In a 2018 study, 18% of high school students in Cannabis admitted to having used cannabis at least once in the last ear. The number of school-age children who believed that the consumption of cannabis is risky more than halved in the past 20 years. The 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health in the US is a good point when...

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how does weed affect the brain

Cannabis and the Brain: Recent studies shed new light

Did you know that cannabis affects your brain? According to recent research, cannabis consumption has a variety of advantages and disadvantages to your brain. All of these benefits and effects depend on many factors, e.g. your age or whether or not you have any pre-existing conditions. The findings were a product of a series of studies. The results of these studies were featured in last year's annual gathering of the Society for Neurosurgeons in San Diego, California. They revealed that exposure to cannabis before birth or during the teen years can have a lasting impact on your brain. Some of the negative effects that could be encountered were disruption of the process of learning and memory as well as communication between different parts of the brain. Furthermore, it disrupts metabolic compounds as well as the levels of chemical messengers. But...

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does marijuana help with anxiety

10 Natural Remedies for Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress affect a lot more people than you might think. In Canada alone, more than 41% of the population struggles from anxiety and only a third of those have gotten an official diagnosis. Since stress and anxiety are so wide-spread in society, there are have been created many different solutions to treat it. However, these remedies are usually costly and mostly come with undesirable side-effects. Since most people want to avoid the expensive drugs and their side-effects, natural remedies are becoming increasingly popular. There are many different types of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety, OCD, PTSD, panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. All these affect people in different ways and unfortunately restrict them from performing their duties or running their day-to-day lives. If you have ever struggled with anxiety or stress and their resultant effects, you...

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buy cbd oil canada

CBD Oil for Pain Management: Effects, Benefits, and Users

CBD oil is known for its medical benefits. It’s a cannabinoid that doesn’t have psychoactive elements, meaning that it will not give you a high. THC, another cannabinoid, is psychoactive and is the most popular and famous as this is the one, which gives a strong high. However, CBD shouldn't be underestimated even though it will not give you a high, as studies show that it has many other medical benefits. This is because it works well with the human endocannabinoid system to relieve pain, anxiety, inflammation, and many other conditions. Pain relief seems to be a common trait for CBD use in all of these conditions. The following guide will help you to use CBD oil to manage pain. What is CBD Oil? It’s a liquid infused with cannabidiol -- one of the many elements that are...

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buy marijuana concentrates online canada

Top 5 Most Potent Concentrates

If you need the most potent cannabis treat for yourself, you should try concentrates. They are of many kinds, including shatter, budder, hash, and wax. In simple terms, these are concentrated cannabis products that contains very high levels of THC, especially in comparison to flowers. A small quantity of concentrate can you high quickly and gives you a strong effect. With so many concentrates to choose from, it gets confusing when you're out shopping for the ideal one that fits your lifestyle. Check out the following list as it will help and guide you in your purchase of one of the most potent concentrates as picked by our team at HighClub: 1. Factory 710 Pineapple Shatter This concentrate is ideal for anyone who’s after a soothing buzz. Made by Factory 710, it’s a popular strain that gives users a body...

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guide to using shatter

What Is Shatter and How to Use It

For cannabis consumers, there are many ways of legally enjoying their treat - anything from tinctures to edibles to hash oils. But once in a while, every cannabis enthusiast should try a concentrate. Concentrates might be compacted into small sizes but they have some of the highest THC levels for a quick, long-lasting effect. Some concentrates are so loaded with THC that they are actually stronger than most cannabis strains. You cannot talk about concentrates without mentioning shatter, one of the most popular of these concentrates. The following guide explains what shatter is and how it’s used. What is shatter It’s a hard, yellow substance that looks like a sheet of cheese. Shatter has holes and cracks like glass. It’s loaded with a high dose of THC, making it a potent product. Shatter is derived from the cannabis plant...

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keeping your weed fresh

How to Keep Weed Fresh

Every cannabis consumer knows the importance of keeping weed fresh. Other than preserving the bud, well-preserved weed tastes better and is more potent. In the end, this delivers a better experience. So, what does it take to keep it fresh? It's simple. You'll need proper storage. And you also need to keep it away from high temperature and water. There are many ways of keeping your bud fresh. We prepared the following guide to help you keep it fresh. Store it properly One of the most important considerations when storing weed is the container. It should be clean and easy to seal. Before you store your bud, you should make sure that the container is dry as you don't want your weed to come into contact with water or oxygen. Once you've placed it inside, make sure you seal...

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CHART: What Are Possession Limits On Cannabis in Canada in 2019?

* Courtesy of Lift & Co. CONSUMER CHART 2019: What Are The Possession Limits On Cannabis in Canada 2019? Following Canada’s legalization of cannabis, a raft of laws and regulations are expected to sweep the cannabis industry. One of the most striking issues, that most cannabis consumers yearn to know, is where the limits will be for each and every cannabis product.  The reason is pretty straightforward: you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law as far as the possession limits for cannabis are concerned. With the legalization of cannabis, you will see an array of new products and product types available on the market. At the moment, the typical cannabis consumer is trying to wrap their heads around what’s on offer and the implications of legalization. With so much information to absorb within a short...

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weed for losing weight

How Can Cannabis Help With Weight Loss?

As summer kicks in, it's time to bid goodbye to our beloved winter coats. With the heat of the summer, you'll no longer be able to hide the extra fat gained over winter. There are many options for how to shed that extra weight that you gained during the winter. You could decide to hit the gym or embark on a jogging regimen. If these are not your favourite exercise options, why not try cannabis? While cannabis is known to increase appetite, it could also help you shed weight. The secret is in the strain that you choose. Is a long-term marijuana user less likely to be obese? According to a 2011 study, this seems to be true. The study showed that obesity was more prevalent in non-marijuana users than in marijuana users. Another 2010 study corroborated the findings....

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