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Top 5 Most Potent Concentrates

If you need the most potent cannabis treat for yourself, you should try concentrates. They are of many kinds, including shatter, budder, hash, and wax. In simple terms, these are concentrated cannabis products that contains very high levels of THC, especially in comparison to flowers. A small quantity of concentrate can you high quickly and gives you a strong effect. With so many concentrates to choose from, it gets confusing when you're out shopping for the ideal one that fits your lifestyle. Check out the following list as it will help and guide you in your purchase of one of the most potent concentrates as picked by our team at HighClub: 1. Factory 710 Pineapple Shatter This concentrate is ideal for anyone who’s after a soothing buzz. Made by Factory 710, it’s a popular strain that gives users a body...

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guide to using shatter

What Is Shatter and How to Use It

For cannabis consumers, there are many ways of legally enjoying their treat - anything from tinctures to edibles to hash oils. But once in a while, every cannabis enthusiast should try a concentrate. Concentrates might be compacted into small sizes but they have some of the highest THC levels for a quick, long-lasting effect. Some concentrates are so loaded with THC that they are actually stronger than most cannabis strains. You cannot talk about concentrates without mentioning shatter, one of the most popular of these concentrates. The following guide explains what shatter is and how it’s used. What is shatter It’s a hard, yellow substance that looks like a sheet of cheese. Shatter has holes and cracks like glass. It’s loaded with a high dose of THC, making it a potent product. Shatter is derived from the cannabis plant...

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keeping your weed fresh

How to Keep Weed Fresh

Every cannabis consumer knows the importance of keeping weed fresh. Other than preserving the bud, well-preserved weed tastes better and is more potent. In the end, this delivers a better experience. So, what does it take to keep it fresh? It's simple. You'll need proper storage. And you also need to keep it away from high temperature and water. There are many ways of keeping your bud fresh. We prepared the following guide to help you keep it fresh. Store it properly One of the most important considerations when storing weed is the container. It should be clean and easy to seal. Before you store your bud, you should make sure that the container is dry as you don't want your weed to come into contact with water or oxygen. Once you've placed it inside, make sure you seal...

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CHART: What Are Possession Limits On Cannabis in Canada in 2019?

* Courtesy of Lift & Co. CONSUMER CHART 2019: What Are The Possession Limits On Cannabis in Canada 2019? Following Canada’s legalization of cannabis, a raft of laws and regulations are expected to sweep the cannabis industry. One of the most striking issues, that most cannabis consumers yearn to know, is where the limits will be for each and every cannabis product.  The reason is pretty straightforward: you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law as far as the possession limits for cannabis are concerned. With the legalization of cannabis, you will see an array of new products and product types available on the market. At the moment, the typical cannabis consumer is trying to wrap their heads around what’s on offer and the implications of legalization. With so much information to absorb within a short...

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cannabis oil vape pens

Cannabis Oil and Juul Vape Pens

Weed is now legal substance in Canada. With that problem out of the way, it's important to understand that there are many methods of consuming it. You can smoke flowers, make edibles with it, use topicals or even vape it. When it comes to vaping, there are many more options at your disposal, and cannabis oils and Juul are some of these. Cannabis oils have CBD, THC or both. They can be consumed using a vape pen, e-cigarette, or vaporizer, and are an excellent choice for both recreational and medical use. You can also enjoy cannabis oils using the popular Juul products. In this guide, you'll learn about cannabis oils and using Juuls as the delivery method. What are cannabis oils? For those who have never tried cannabis oils, these are liquid extracts from the cannabis plant. They...

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intensify your weed high

10 tips that will help you enhance your cannabis high

Most cannabis consumers are always on the lookout for tips to make the most out of their experience and intensify their high. There are many factors that can positively enhance your experience. We have distilled the top ten tips that can greatly enhance your cannabis experience. The good thing about our tips is that most of them are free. 1. Experiment with strains Different strains give varying levels of high. With lots of information available online, gone are the days when you only relied on dealers to get your favourite strain. There are sativa, indica and hybrid strains to choose from. With so much choice, why not try different strains of weed in order to discover the one that really gives you a good high? By trying different strains, you'll quickly notice which strains give you an...

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canadian cannabis statistics

Q1 2019 National Cannabis Survey: Many more Canadians are now consuming marijuana

In the wake of cannabis legalization in Canada, many more Canadians are consuming marijuana, the first post-legalizaton national survey shows. About 5.3 million, or 18% of Canadians aged 15 and above, reported having consumed weed in the last three months. The Q1 2019 national survey shows that this number eclipsed the 14% of the Canadian population that consumed weed one year earlier, before cannabis was officially legalized in Canada in October 2018. According to the study, more men aged between 45 and 64 consumed weed in the first quarter of 2019 compared to last year. Their numbers spiked from a low of 16% to the current 22%. For those in the 45 to 64 age bracket, their numbers shot from 9% to 14%, although other demographics remained hugely unchanged. For instance, female consumers stagnated at 13% and...

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bad trip weed

8 Ways to Counteract Effects of Weed When Your Too High

When it comes to cannabis consumption, there's a thin line between getting high and getting too high. Most consumers say that getting high is good, but things turn ugly once you get too high. And it happens a lot in cannabis circles. It could be that you have a low tolerance to cannabis and that you accidentally end up consuming too much of it or that one day, you decided to impress your friends by breathing in too deeply when vaping. Or maybe you took up too many edibles. Chances are you'll end up getting a high that is too intense and therefore makes you uncomfortable. If this happens, it's a major turn off for any consumer, seasoned or not. Fortunately, there's a way you can beat the too-high effect and still enjoy your weed. The following tips will...

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How to Celebrate 4/20 on a Budget

The 20th of April, also commonly known as 4/20, is without a doubt one of the most chill occasions that we all look forward to. And it's going to be massive this year, as it falls on a Saturday. For weed enthusiasts, you have a whole weekend to get stoned. It's even bigger for Canadian stoners this year as they get to celebrate their first 4/20 this year with marijuana being legal all across Canada. All this might sound exciting, but holidays have never been budget friendly. So to help you enjoy this year's 4/20 in 2019 on a budget, we have compiled the following guide: Check out the deals with your dispensary Most dispensaries give out special deals or free goodies to their long-time customers. These goodies could include pre-rolled joints, complementary gram flowers and free edibles, or help you...

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Vancouver 420 celebration

Vancouver 4/20 celebrations cost taxpayers more than half a million dollars over 2 years: report

*News Article originally posted on Global News By Sean Boynton and Rumina Daya Critics of the massive 4/20 celebrations in Vancouver are being blunt: organizers need to start paying their own way. That’s after a leaked memo from Vancouver city staff to council showed the last two pro-marijuana bashes held at Sunset Beach cost taxpayers more than $583,000. The memo, which was sent on July 13, 2018, breaks down the costs incurred by the city, the Vancouver Park Board, and the Vancouver Police Department in 2017 and 2018 before, during and after the unsanctioned event, which is set to return to Sunset Beach this April despite the city’s objections. READ MORE: Where to hold Vancouver’s annual 4/20 event in the future? The lion’s share of those costs went to policing: $127,245 was spent in 2017, while the following year the...

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