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5 Amazing Facts about Marijuana and Sex

weed and sex

Marijuana and Sex: 5 Amazing Facts

Weed and sex: not always known to go together hand-in-hand.

However, to many people, marijuana has acquired an aphrodisiac reputation.

The scientific research related to cannabis and sex doesn’t agree with it. Half of the marijuana consumers say that the drug decreases their sex drive and their experience of cannabis and sex was not good.

The question arises that whether marijuana is libido depressant or aphrodisiac.

A research was done to get to the bottom of this mystery which disclosed five amazing facts about the world’s favourite activity and favourite plant:

It All Depends

According to University of California Santa Barbara’s sociology department, people do not always feel aroused after consuming marijuana. Majority of the time, they feel between aroused and not aroused. Whether or not a person feels aroused depends on factors like the mood or particular strains he is using at that time. However, there is no reliable evidence to support this argument about cannabis and sex. According to the Psychology Today’s informal poll, 67% people said that marijuana enhanced their sex lives. 20% said that it depended on the circumstances at that time.

More Sexual Partners for Cannabis Consumers

In 2009, a study was done at the Australian Research Center in Sex. It revealed that women who frequently consumed cannabis reported to have more than two sexual partners during the last one year. In the case of men, consumption of cannabis was associated with having four or even more sexual partners. It means cannabis and having more sex could have some connection.

Slowing Down

A correlation between frequent marijuana use in men and orgasming too quickly was found in the same study. Men who consumed cannabis frequently were more likely to feel dissatisfied due to the duration of their sexual performance. However, men maybe shouldn’t worry that much about cannabis and sex because as the study by University of California Santa Barbara also showed: a consumer’s concept of time is skewed by cannabis. Because they were high on marijuana, what feels like 5 minutes may only be 30 seconds and vice-versa.

Love-Hate Relationship

One of the highly debated topics nowadays is the effects of cannabis and testosterone. A study about cannabis and sex was published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in 2002. It revealed that that levels of testosterone in human body is reduced due to consumption of cannabis. Testosterone is a hormone which plays the major role in triggering sexual desires in both men and women. Low levels of the hormone were observed to decrease the libido. However, members of both health and cannabis communities reject the claim. There are many other studies that conclude that frequent consumption of marijuana is responsible for depressing the testosterone levels.

The Danger of Moobs

Both National Institute of Health and Mayo Clinic reported that regular consumption of marijuana is one of the reasons for gynecomastia in men. The disorder is also known as “moobs.” For years, doctors are reporting that there is a correlation between overdevelopment of male breast tissue and frequent consumption of cannabis. The phenomenon is also linked to the effects of cannabis on testosterone. However, several other studies on cannabis and sex show that the correlation between marijuana use and gynecomastia does not always exist.



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