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Cannabis and Sleep: 7 Things to Know About Weed for Sleep

weed for sleep

Cannabis is well known for its sleep-inducing qualities and this is one of the reasons why its the go-to solution for many people battling insomnia.

Even when you have a severe case of insomnia, a good dose of indica can solve your problems and enable you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Whereas it might not come as a surprise to most that cannabis induces sleep, there’s a more intricate relationship between cannabis and sleep than people might have heard of. For instance, old cannabis leaves tend to make you sleepier than fresh leaves. Did you know that cannabis also inhibits dreams? Well, read on to know how weed affects your nightly hibernation.

CBD and THC affect sleep differently

There are many cannabis strains out there. Some give you an instant high, while others have mild effects. For instance, strains with high THC and low CBD tend to give you an instant high, while low THC and high CBD strains are renowned for their medicinal qualities. So, which strains are good at inducing sleep?

Most studies on how cannabis affects sleep are mainly based on high THC strains. Little is known about how CBD strains affect sleep. However, few studies on the same revealed that CBD could have slightly alerting effects. In a study involving 72 participants with sleep disorders and anxiety issues, two-thirds of the participants said that THC helped them sleep. One-fourth of the participants said they experienced worse symptoms. Until now, no one can really explain the mixed results.

That said, it’s important to try different strains to see what works for you. Remember, THC is sedative and has hypnotic effects. It could be all that you needed to get that sound sleep that you badly need.

Not all strains are equal

While indicas tend to deliver sleepy effects, sativas are known for their uplifting and energizing effects. While this is likely to be true, it shouldn’t be the sole reason to consider when selecting your strains. Always take note of the strains that made you tired and fall asleep. What kind of terpenes profiles did they exhibit? By looking closely at how they made you feel, you can get yourself a new strain selection that puts you to bed fast.

Natural remedies help maximize cannabis sleepy effects

On its own, cannabis can put you to sleep fast, but what happens when you pair it with other natural remedies? You get a potent solution. According to Rev. Dr. DeCesares, some terpenoids work in synergy with CBN, some in the cannabis plant, to deliver heavy sleep effects. He said he adds natural remedies like chamomile, hops, and lavender as they have similar terpenes to the weed plant but in higher concentrations. He added that the high concentration was good for sedative efficacy.

Next time you get hold of your favourite strain, make a point of teaming it up with a cup of chamomile tea, 5-HTP, Melatonin, and Valerian root supplements make for great cannabis combos.

Cannabis can help you fall asleep faster

Weed quells stress and relaxes you physically, so it’s not a surprise that it helps you fall asleep faster. Cannabis can treat most symptoms that prevent you from falling asleep. It’s useful for those battling chronic pain, inflammation, and other diseases. With these out of the way, you get to fall asleep easily.

It’s important to note that vaping or smoking cannabis delivers almost instantaneous effects. However, it takes time for the effects of weed to kick in when you’ve consumed weed-infused cookies. So if you need to fall asleep fast, you’re better off vaping or smoking cannabis.

Cannabis at night use may cause a hangover

Believe it or not, you could get a hangover from cannabis. Or at least the some of the same symptoms. While it might not be as stinging as one from alcohol use, a cannabis hangover is usually mild. Sometimes so mild that you might easily miss it.

However, if you consume cannabis at night, chances are you will end up feeling tired in the morning. Hangover symptoms like dry eyes and dehydration should be expected. If you choose to have your weed at night, make sure you get clean supplies. Pesticide-laden weed could worsen the morning hangover.

To keep hangovers at bay, drink lots of water, eat healthily and avoid overindulging in weed. It’s recommended that you nurse a weed hangover in the same way as you would an alcohol one; lots of water, vitamins, etc.

Cannabis inhibits REM sleep and dreaming

If you are a regular weed consumer, you might have noticed that you no longer dream as often are you did before. Cannabis reduces the time we spend at the Rapid Eye Movement stage of our sleep, responsible for vivid memories and dreams. However, long term users tend to experience more lucid dreams.

Cannabis may promote better breathing

For those with sleep apnea, a sleep disorder characterized by breathing obstruction that lasts from a few seconds to several minutes, cannabis could be a solution. Sleep apnea makes a person wake up several times during the night, which leads to more problems like headaches. Cannabis has been shown to promote better breathing, which weakens the symptoms caused by sleep apnea.

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