Health Benefits of Marijuana

Juicing Marijuana for Health Benefits

health benefits juicing marijuana

Juiced cannabis leaves are packed with nutrients

As more people develop certain awareness of the benefits of eating healthy foods, the practice of juicing is becoming more and more popular all around the world. The obvious advantages of juicing is without a doubt one of the main reasons that people have started juicing vegetables at a rate never seen before. From patients to caregivers to healthcare practitioners, everyone seems to approve of this healthy-eating habit that is normally done to either fruits or vegetables. According to the dictionary, a vegetable is any herbaceous plant that’s grown for its edible parts and which are usually eaten as part of a meal.

What about cannabis? You might ask. Is it a vegetable? Yes, it is. By following the definition provided above, cannabis plants, too, have parts that can be consumed. Some vegetables can be eaten raw, but not all. Some need to be cooked, and some, like cannabis, will need you to make an order through weed delivery Canada.

It can be the case for some vegetables that they lose some healthy nutrients when heated and this also applies to cannabis. Although it’s a filled with the typical nutrients of a vegetable, such as calcium, iron, and fibre, it has salient elements that are unique to it such as cannabinoids.

When juiced, the cannabis leaves are packed with potent nutrients and also have medical properties. However, juiced cannabis lacks tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC), a psychoactive part that can only be activated by heating cannabis.

Raw cannabis juice is known for its high concentration of cannabinoids and fatty acids, which are recognized for its ability to improve cell functions. It’s also known to cut the destruction caused by free radicals. There are many other benefits of juicing cannabis, which include reducing inflammation among others. Juiced cannabis also facilitates the two-way communication between cells throughout the body. Interestingly, raw cannabis juice is also antipsychotic, antibacterial and stops nausea. Some cannabinoids are also known to stop tumors.

Health benefits of juicing marijuana

Most patients buy cannabis that can be smoked or vaped since these two are among the most popular delivery methods. Little do they know that juicing cannabis is even better. Raw cannabis juice is a preventive therapy as it blocks health problems before they arise. This is why some scientists label it as “the most important vegetable”. The juice is famed for its ability to lower inflammation as well as to stabilize the neural and immune system.

Raw pot juice is so effective that research also indicates that it could inhibit the growth of cancer cells. According to Dr. William Courtney, a raw cannabis specialist and an advocate of its healing powers, cooking or smoking weed deny you the chance to enjoy 99% of its actual benefits. He says that cooking weed kills most of its inherent rewards. Essentially, heating weed has its advantages, but it appears that raw juiced cannabis remains king. When raw, it contains tetrahydrocannabinoilic acid (THCA) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), which are renowned for their medicinal value. The two compounds must be heated to produce THC and CBD. While THCA is not psychoactive, its corresponding compound, THC, is psychoactive and is responsible for giving you a high.

Another benefit is that your body can accommodate more of these cannabinoids when you choose to drink raw cannabis as opposed to when you vape or smoke it.

When inhaled as THC, the compound is a CB1-receptor, which makes it difficult for you to absorb it effectively. This is due to the fact that when inhaled, your body can only take up to 10 milligrams at any given time and the rest is lost.

Dr. Courtney says that when you consume weed as a raw juice, your body can instead absorb up to 600 milligrams. This way, he explains, you can use it as a dietary supplement since it increases the antioxidant and neuroprotective levels, which work properly at hundreds of milligrams of THCA and CBDA.

He says: ”The dramatic increase from 10 milligrams of psychoactive THC to 500 milligrams of THCA, CBDA, CBGA is the main difference between traditional cannabis treatment and use of cannabis as a dietary supplement.

The US Food and safety administration seems to agree with this and the FDA has in the past approved a daily dose of 600 milligrams of CBD to investigate its impact on humans.

Essentially, this means that chances are high that you’ll be drinking a glass of raw cannabis juice with over 600 milligrams of CBDA, rather than heating the weed first. With CBDA percentages being lower than 1% in most strains, this technically means that it’s almost impossible for you to smoke enough weed in one single day to meet that recommended dose.

How to juice cannabis

When it comes to juicing weed, you need to be careful when selecting your materials and ingredients since they will matter most in the process. It’s more than throwing buds into a juicer and expecting a healthy potion.

Juiced weed for health reasons requires freshly picked buds of weed that have been grown under proper conditions. The buds should be free of any microbiological contaminants or pesticides. Your best bet is a flower that has been lab tested. For best results, always remember: Fresh is best, just as in the case with any type of vegetable.

Dried marijuana for smoking is not ideal for juicing.

Consider growing your own weed if you need to use quality flowers as most dispensaries won’t have a fresh supply of raw weed. According to Dr. Courtney, you can juice 15 big leaves of the cannabis plant and two big buds and the best time for harvesting flowers is when the THC trichomes are clear and not when amber in color.

Cannabis juice tends to be bitter and can be mixed with other vegetables like carrots to make the taste more enticing. If you choose to go with carrots, it said that you should mix one part cannabis for every ten parts carrots.

Once you’ve made your cannabis juice, divide it into three portions and drink each portion with a meal. Pot juice can be stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator in order to preserve it for up to three days.

What science says about juicing cannabis

Inflammation is usually caused by lack of communication between nerves. Without communication, nerves attack immune cells. According to several studies, cannabinoids can reopen the two-way nerve communication and thereby reduce inflammation and help the body to fight numerous diseases.

Our bodies have inbuilt endocannabinoids. These bind to receptors and regulate the optimal functions of the nerve, bones and immune system. It modulates the functions of all body systems. By supplementing the body’s endocannabinoid system with plant cannabinoids, we help it heal all related illnesses.

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