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Yoga While High

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High Yoga.

What is it? One of the most relaxing experience you will ever have and the best combination ever.

Smoking weed combined with any other activity usually results in an interesting experience. Sometimes you just want to smoke and watch T.V or go to sleep, but taking the chance of trying another kind of activities is a great idea.

There are some things that end up being really fun, like talking to friends or just walking in the park, but if what you are looking for is to feel relaxed, try high yoga.

Yoga has been a popular and mainstream way to relax for a while now, and yes, most people are right, it is a very beneficial activity for your body and for your mind. There are people that take it to the next level and achieve a level of flexibility that not anyone can have, and some just try their best and enjoy the experience. Anyone can do it, so if you are already a regular smoker we invite you to try yoga.

Why is it so good?

Both things, weed, and yoga are known for being a great way to feel relaxed.

So, obviously, a combination of both cannot result in anything else besides a relaxing, calm experience, even if you are just a beginner in yoga, it does not matter you just need to know the basic.

Be calm, focus on your breathing, inhale and exhale slowly, concentrate on any part of your body that may be hurting and do the positions you know, in case you don’t have the help of a professional. Basically, you have to focus your mind and body on feeling peaceful, weed will make it easier for you.

How do you do it?

Everything is different when you are high; everyone that has been high knows that. If you re interesting in this experience the first thing you need it’s to prepare for it.

It depends on how you are planning to do Yoga, there are already some places where instructors teach “High Yoga”, but if you cannot find any close to you, a video can work too or even just invite some friends to your house that have practiced yoga before, especially if any of them knows a little bit more than you.

It is definitely a good experiment to share with friends.

The next step is, of course, getting high.

Choose your favorite method and type of cannabis and enjoy it a few minutes before starting the class or the video. Everything may seem a little bit silly at first, especially depending on the type of cannabis you had.

Try to follow the instructions and do all positions, but don’t be so hard on yourself if you get a little lost, the important thing is to let yourself immerse in the experience. It can also be messy and loud if you are doing it with friends, it’s really hard not to laugh or talk with people you know about what you are feeling and doing, think about that before you decided how to do it the first time.

Focus on what you are feeling; enjoy every stretch and every sensation in your body. Feel how all the tension and stress go away; even in places, you did not know you had them. Even if you started feeling silly or lost, you will definitely feel more relaxed after a while, also keep in mind that it is your first time and everything gets better with practice.

If you are doing it with a group, the best part is that you guys can support each other and it will be easier to keep doing it, you will see how the group will learn how to improve quickly.

Why is it different?

We already discussed how weed will help you have a more relaxing experience, but on the physical part, weed will also help you feel more flexible because when you stretch you will feel less pain. This is what makes it a totally different experience, you will be less stressed about not being able to do the positions properly and that is going to make your muscles relax plus it will be less painful, so you are going to have more time to focus just on the feeling and sensation.

Be careful though, do not push your body to the extreme or you will hurt yourself, don’t do anything crazy, remember that the effect of the cannabis will wear off and you can end up with a lot of muscle pain.

The best advice is, keep your yoga positions basic and do not overcomplicate it, especially if you are a beginner. Try to focus more on your breathing, make time feel slower as you relax every muscle in your body, have a totally stress-free experience. Ganja is a pant that has been used for ceremony, prayer and to connect our minds and our bodies, since the beginnings of civilization, so it is not a new thing.

Not all people that practice yoga is looking for that high state of consciousness, some just want to relax their bodies and not all pot smokers are interested in doing anything physical, but for the person that it’s looking for both things, high yoga is the best experience ever.

You don’t need much to try it, share this information with some friends or just find a class of high yoga and allow yourself to feel a new experience that can become one of your favorites.

If you are a fan of cannabis and you have never tried doing anything physical while high, it will be an unforgettable experience and you will learn more about all the different sensations ganja can make you feel.

It’s not only about laughing or sleeping, there is so much more.

Scientists are still discovering new advantages of cannabis constantly.

This harmless idea cannot end up in anything less than an interesting experience and a good story to tell and share with friends. Sometimes combining two things that do not seem alike can result in the most wonderful mix.


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