Marijuana Legalization in Canada

BC Marijuana Legalization: Gov’t announces plans for legal age & distribution models

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Gov’t announces its plans for legal age & retail/wholesale distribution

The NDP-led BC Government recently announced its plans regarding marijuana legalization for recreational use, which is set to hit Canada in July 2018.

So how will British Columbia, the famous Capital of Cannabis in Canada for many years and home of world-renowned BC Bud, roll out its distribution and retail models when weed is legal next year? 

To start, as expected, it was announced that people age 19 and over will only be able to purchase, possess, and consume marijuana in BC when it becomes legal in 2018, which is the same legal age for alcohol and tobacco.

It has also been announced that sales will be completed in both private and public retail outlets, which is similar to how the liquor industry currently operates.

There has been no news as of yet on whether government liquor stores or pharmacies will carry marijuana in their stores, or whether the government plans to open marijuana pop-up shops of their own.

A majority of respondents voted against weed being sold along with liquor in government-owned liquor stores.

So who controls what?

Wholesale distribution will be controlled by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (known as BCLDB), who also controls the wholesale distribution of liquor throughout British Columbia.

So, while the provincial government will control distribution, sales, and enforcement throughout the province, the federal government will overlook marijuana production, quality control and testing in Canada.

Municipal governments will also have a say on how retail outlets roll out in their jurisdictions.

“Every other province is going through a provincial system,” said Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth. “It allows us, I believe, significant control which the public has said is important.”

More than 48,000 British Columbians provided input in regards to the plans for the legalization of marijuana in BC, as well as submissions from 141 local and Indigenous governments.

Further details about the retail outlet model are expected to be released in late January or early February. 

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