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The Essential Guide to Microdosing Marijuana

The Essential Guide to Microdosing Marijuana Every cannabis smoker will never forget the first time they blacked out. It usually starts with a friend leaving you too much weed to smoke. As a newbie, you don't even know your ideal dosage so you end up getting thoroughly stoned. In my personal experience, a friend left me a thick joint, which got the best of me. Because of my delayed THC high, I got very stoned after some time. It's not a surprise that this is what most newbies go through as they learn the ropes of consuming weed. This phenomenon is so common that an idiom has been made just to explain it. "Maureen Dowd-ed" was essentially coined after an inexperienced columnist had far too much of an edible helping. She then lay paralyzed on a hotel...

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10 Lies That You Were Told About Marijuana

With the exception of the few countries, like Canada and parts of the US, weed is still an illegal substance in many places around the world. Since it has been in existence for such a long time, and most people consume it regardless of whether or not it’s legal, there's a lot of confusion around weed and a lot of misinformation that has been spread around. It's no surprise that while most people see it as a miracle drug, others still view it as a demon drug. While both sides have a voice in the debate, it’s important to look at some of the biggest pieces of misinformation out there. This way we can avoid confusion about subjects that people would, otherwise, believe to be true. Here are ten lies about Marijuana that seem to be true but are...

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Top 9 ways to counteract the negative effects of cannabis

* Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not reflect the opinions or positions from HighClub. It seems every stoner has experienced a bad trip or two during their time. Over the years, I've learned some of the best ways for me to counteract the negative effects of cannabis during I use the following methods to recover from the effects of cannabis. It's important to note that I've tried out all the methods myself and that I can confirm that they work – at least on me. I have experimented with these methods due to their underlying mechanisms, which seemed to make sense and worked effectively. Each of my recommended methods has a unique way of counteracting the negative effects of cannabis, quickening your recovery. To come up with these methods, I...

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Reward Points Program will be suspended indefinitely

Hello HighClub members, We regret to announce our Limited-Time Reward Points program has been suspended indefinitely as of January 21, 2019, due to overall technical issues the program provided to our online store since we introduced the limited-time program over a year ago. We introduced the Reward Points program in early 2018 to reward our loyal customer base with a great limited-time promotion, however, as we advertised this program as a Limited-Time promo to take advantage of while we continued to test the overall program and provided almost a year-long notice that the program was subject to be discontinued at any time, we have now had to make the decision to suspend the program due to the continual technical issues and bugs the feature would cause on our online store, and that would eventually crash our online...

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Juicing Marijuana for Health Benefits

Juiced cannabis leaves are packed with nutrients As more people develop certain awareness of the benefits of eating healthy foods, the practice of juicing is becoming more and more popular all around the world. The obvious advantages of juicing is without a doubt one of the main reasons that people have started juicing vegetables at a rate never seen before. From patients to caregivers to healthcare practitioners, everyone seems to approve of this healthy-eating habit that is normally done to either fruits or vegetables. According to the dictionary, a vegetable is any herbaceous plant that’s grown for its edible parts and which are usually eaten as part of a meal. What about cannabis? You might ask. Is it a vegetable? Yes, it is. By following the definition provided above, cannabis plants, too, have parts that can be consumed. Some vegetables can be eaten...

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Experts Say Cannabis Industry Helped Lower Canada’s Unemployment Rate

Experts Say Cannabis Industry Helped Lower Canada’s Unemployment Rate Has the legalization of weed created jobs in Canada? With the weed industry’s continued growth, it’s no surprise that Canada is starting to feel its positive side effects. According to new figures from Canada, unemployment rates have gone down in the last month after the legalization of weed. Data published by Statistics Canada showed that unemployment in Canada fell by 0.2% in November alone. This means that the country’s current unemployment figure stands at 5.6%. This is notably the lowest unemployment since 1976, which is the first year such data was gathered. According to the report, six Canadian provinces had improved in numbers related to unemployment. Moreover, the private sector had seen the most growth within the same period, while the public sector figures remained largely the same, mirroring the number of self-employment jobs. According to the latest...

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Full Spectrum Extracts: Everything you need to know

Full spectrum extracts: Everything you need to know In recent years, the cannabis industry has grown tremendously. Mirroring this growth is the cannabis extract. The evolution of the cannabis extract keeps on getting better with the advancement of technology. For hash oil aficionados, they look for the essence derived from a live plant and from the resin to get the value of extracts. On the flip side, extractors seek to make a resin product that has the unique profile of the live cannabis plant. As cannabis extracts keep on gaining popularity, one hash oil product renowned for its unrivalled flavour is becoming even more popular: The Full Spectrum Extract What exactly is the full spectrum extract? To better understand this extract, let’s look at it as if it was a stew. Any stew is made of a number of ingredients. The main...

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what is cbd

What is CBD & What are CBD Benefits?

What is CBD & What are CBD Benefits? Everything you need to know about CBD Tinctures. CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoid molecules found in Cannabis plants. It has become very popular now, more than ever, as all cannabis-based therapeutic products are being accepted and known all over the world. There seems to be a lot of buzz about these products but most people still have a lot of questions about them and it’s a natural thing to have the need to know more about something before trying it, especially about treatments that are still finding their place on regular healthcare after being associated with different uses. It is true that cannabinoids show a lot of promise in treating a lot of different conditions but that does not mean that it can’t be a little confusing introducing them...

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indica vs sativa vs hybrid

What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa Weed?

When you’re buying weed online in Canada or from your favourite local supplier, you’ll notice three different types strains of cannabis to choose from: Indica Strains Sativa Strains Hybrid Strains What's the difference between Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid Weed? We briefly sum up these three types of marijuana below before we go more in-depth in this guide to explain the difference between the three types of strains of marijuana: Indica strains are considered the best type of marijuana before going to bed or for relaxing with a movie. It is very physically sedating. Sativa strains have the tendency to offer more cerebral effects that are uplifting and invigorating. It pairs well with creative projects, social gatherings and physical activity. Hybrid strains are considered to fall somewhere between Sativa and Indica, which differs with each strain. It depends...

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Complete Guide to Earning & Redeeming HighClub Points & Rewards

*PLEASE NOTE: Our HighClub Reward Points program has been indefinitely suspended due to technical issues to our system. This change will improve the overall experience for all of our users and we will continue to provide our other amazing discount programs, including our heavily-discounted sale product pricing and all of our great discount codes available on our Current Promos page, which we provide in order to live up to our goal of providing the best value for the dollar for cannabis in Canada. Please read the full update by clicking here.  Guide to Earning & Redeeming HighClub Points & Rewards At HighClub, we like to reward our amazing, loyal customer base by giving back in the form of our HighClub Points & Rewards program.  Our HighClub Rewards Points is one of the most lucrative points programs of any online store. Below, we'll...

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