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10 tips that will help you enhance your cannabis high

intensify your weed high

Most cannabis consumers are always on the lookout for tips to make the most out of their experience and intensify their high. There are many factors that can positively enhance your experience. We have distilled the top ten tips that can greatly enhance your cannabis experience. The good thing about our tips is that most of them are free.

1. Experiment with strains

Different strains give varying levels of high. With lots of information available online, gone are the days when you only relied on dealers to get your favourite strain. There are sativa, indica and hybrid strains to choose from. With so much choice, why not try different strains of weed in order to discover the one that really gives you a good high? By trying different strains, you’ll quickly notice which strains give you an ideal high.

2. Experiment with the way you smoke the herb

There are many ways of consuming weed. Other than classical smoking, you can try a bong or a vaporizer. Each of these delivery methods has its pros and cons and impact you differently.

3. Try hash, oil, or concentrates

Concentrates and hash contain high levels of THC and could boost your high in great ways. With the high THC content, you only need to consume a tiny amount of concentrates to achieve a fast and intense high. The beauty of concentrates and oils is that you get the same high but without the smoke that comes with smoking joints.

4. Get moving

Exercising just before or after consuming weed is a good idea. It greatly enhances your high. Studies show that people who exercise before smoking weed absorb 15% more THC. Besides, exercising makes you an active smoker as it discourages you to be a couch potato.

5. Take a tolerance break

Tolerance breaks help us achieve a euphoric high. Moderate and heavy smokers know the importance of taking tolerance breaks; they experience less intense highs over time. One thing about tolerance breaks is that you don’t need to quit completely. You can take a break of a few days before resuming. Tolerance breaks are an ideal way of reinvigorating our cannabis experience and helping us get rocksteady highs even after extensive smoking.

6. Give edibles a try

If smoking is not your favourite delivery method, you are in luck. Edibles are a good way of ingesting cannabis. Many would also say that edibles are a great delivery method if you’re trying to be discreet. They give you a body-centred high. Besides, some consumers reported having a more intense high after consuming edibles.

7. Adjust the size of your hits

With weed consumption, less can be more. You get a more intense high when you take small hits frequently, rather than taking one huge serving at one go.

8. Get prepared before consumption

Before you embark on a journey, you should be well prepared and make sure you fulfil all the requirements and have all the tools needed on the way. The same goes for weed consumption. Make sure you have everything you need to make your smoking session fun and joyful. It could be a favourite movie, a favourite drink or your favourite food. Preparing in advance is bound to set you up for an uplifting high and the best imaginable experience.

9. Upgrade your supplies

For most smokers, buying a new vape or bong is a painful opportunity cost. Instead, they tend to calculate the amount of weed they could have bought with that same amount of cash. Matter of factly, supplies like bongs and vapes are just as important as the weed. Remember, if you struggle to smoke your weed through a clogged pipe, chances are you’re wasting your weed. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference that a new pipe and up-to-date equipment can make. If you’re a regular weed smoker, there’s no harm in investing in your supplies. You can also upgrade by cleaning your supplies and making sure they are in good working condition.

10. Get your snacks ready

What’s a cannabis high without snacks? Snacks greatly enhance your high. You don’t need to get high to grab a snack. You can have a snack early on before settling on a smoking session. Studies show that some fruits like mangos, bananas, broccoli and nuts enhance cannabis high. These fruits contain terpenes that boost the intake of THC into our brains, giving us an intense high.

All of the above tips are intended to help you enhance your high. It’s important to note that different tips have varied results depending on the smoker. It’s a good idea to experiment with a few of these tips to see what works for you.

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