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10 tips for first-time marijuana smokers

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10 tips for first-time marijuana smokers

Congratulations. You’ve finally made up your mind to try cannabis.

It’s a great decision and I’m here to welcome you into the family. But before you take in your first joint, here’s some advice to make you know what you’re exactly getting yourself into.

Be prepared not to get high

When I first smoked weed, I didn’t get too high. Maybe there was something I didn’t do right but I didn’t get high. And I’ve heard many other marijuana first-timers say they failed to get high when they took their first smoke. So just know, it could happen to you too.

But don’t let it spoil your new journey. If you fail to get a high the first time you try, don’t give up.

There’s always another time to try. Also, it’s recommended you smoke (or whatever method you intend to try) with an experienced friend who can guide you through with the best practices with it comes to getting high off cannabis.


Inhaling weed deep is sure to get you high.

When I first inhaled my first hit the second time, I got high and it felt great. The lights just got bright, my eyes dimmed and I could feel my soul leaving my body.

It was as euphoric as everything and everyone excited me. (I also kind of felt like I was in a dream but I felt great nonetheless)

If you feel like you’re not getting high, maybe it’s time you tried to inhale deeper. Fill your lungs with the weed smoke and wait for it to carry you to infinity.

Hydrate like an athlete

When I started smoking weed, I could wake up absolutely dehydrated.

To enjoy cannabis to its fullest potential, you need to be properly hydrated and that’s before, during, and after smoking up.

A solid smoke session calls for gallons of water, although a cup might do the job as well.

Cottonmouth, or dry mouth, is reduced salivary flow and it is commonly associated with cannabis use.

So we wouldn’t recommend smoking if you don’t have anything at hand to drink. Once your mouth dries out, the cottonmouth will travel to your throat.

If you plan a serious smoke session, make sure you take enough water before the occasion, just like an athlete would before hitting the tracks.

Choose your piece wisely

Since starting out as a marijuana smoker, blunts have been my favourite pick, although joints seem to be the most popular for first-time users.

For first-timers, I recommend that they ease into it with joints. Just as babies must crawl before they walk, weed smokers need to ease into the process as well. Don’t dive into heavy bong rips or dabs before taking some baby steps (unless you want a possible bad trip on the first try).

You can then start with a small bowl before working your way up until you’re comfortable to try complex methods like the dab rip (also known as M.Bison in the cannabis community).

Also, look out for the gravity bong. While these may look little, they pack quite a punch. When I first took a gravity bong, the result wasn’t awesome as I had to endure hours of discomfort and paranoia so don’t say you weren’t warned.

Download a food courier app

When high, the worst thing possible is when you have to go somewhere or do something, even if the task is as simple as getting food.

The munchies are a real side effect and it can be both awesome and regrettable at the same time (especially if you’re trying to follow a specific diet, for example). 

I’m sure food courier drivers notice a lot of the houses they deliver to smell a lot like marijuana. This isn’t a coincidence. It basically means that those people were smart and didn’t want to spoil their cannabis experience. You are too.

You don’t need to move out of your house, in between smokes, to get food. Download a good food courier app (SkipTheDishes is a personal favourite) before the occasion and you’ll perfectly enjoy your experience. With the app, you don’t need to wander outside when you’re feeling uncomfortable. You won’t also need to go out and drive under the influence, just open your door and enjoy your meal.

Clear your schedule

It’s important to clear your schedule before taking up your first session of marijuana as there’s the possibility of getting high or even passing out.

Getting high is like a rollercoaster. You oscillate between going all the way to the top and the bottom. In case you don’t fall asleep, you’ll still feel heavy-bodied. So, just make sure you’re in a comfortable environment that allows for total relaxation to enjoy the high.

My suggestion is a room with a huge flat screen and an L-shaped sectional couch.

Never smoke with sketchy people

If you’re smoking weed for the first time, it’s a good idea to do it with friends that you trust.

In the event that you find yourself doing this with strangers, the first rule is: don’t smoke it if you didn’t see it being rolled.

You obviously don’t want to get high with any unknown additions when you’re hanging around strangers.

Know your limits

In the event you get a powerful high the first time you smoke that joint, don’t hesitate to pass the joint around. Your mission was to get high, not to pass out. Just know your limits and you’ll be good to go.

Develop a tribe

Marijuana smoking goes down well with friends and can be a great social experience every time you meet up to smoke one.

Once you become a weed smoker, it’s always good to find your clique of friends you can share the fun with. Smoking can be boring alone and you need friends that you can ring up for a group sesh.

The beauty of smoking weed with friends is that you can have some deep-ass conversations that have some therapeutic benefits.

Make sure you get friends who enjoy your activity and build a tribe with them. And prepare to enjoy some laughs.

Be prepared to fall in love

For me, I fell in love with cannabis the first time I had a smoke. When I took in the first smoke and felt my eyelids buzzing, I knew I was in love. You might fall in love too.

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