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Best Cannabis Gifts for Fathers’ Day

gifts for stoner dads

Best Cannabis Gifts for Fathers’ Day

Everyone cherishes the memories of the good times spent with their dads.

Of course, fathers have stuck to our side, cheering us on as we gradually transition from infants to adults.

In between our journey, dads have been there, clapping for us as we excelled in school activities, or even possibly sharing a joint as you both watched the big game.

As bona fide adults, we relish the moments with our dads and take our time to let dads know they are appreciated.

Here are the perfect gift ideas that will help spread the love to your pot-friendly dad on Fathers’ day.

Goldleaf Patient Journal

Given the many strains of cannabis out there, it’s usually hard to keep track of the strains and their effects and impact on our health.

The Goldleaf Patient Journal helps patients and recreational cannabis consumers to track the effects of cannabis strains. The classy journal could be a perfect gift for your dad especially if he’s a medical cannabis patient.

Even if he’s not a patient, the Journal can help keep things organized.

Price $16


If your dad is the quintessential science buff, there’s good news for him. This water pipe by Dankstop is the ideal Father’s day gift for him. Why don’t you spice things up by loading it up and enjoying it together with him on Father’s day?

Price $149.99

SilverStick One-Hitter Kit with Leather Travel Case

If your dad likes moving around or is always on the move, a leather kit with all the essentials necessary for a quick hit is a must-have item.

The SilverStick is a beautiful travel kit that holds everything he needs to get a quick hit.

It will make things fun, especially if you set it out at the table to give him a chance of getting a quick wake and bake before heading out to celebrate Father’s day.

Price $75

Locking Atlas Book Stash Box Bundle

This Hakuna Supply Bundle has the essentials for the perfect smoke session., except the flower.

The beauty of this set is that its discreet and you can leave it on the table without anyone suspecting what’s inside.

Price $69.95

Restorative Botanicals Hemp Comfort Balm

No one likes achy balms. Not even pops. If you’ve heard him complain of some joint pain, it’s time to consider The Hemp Comfort Balm. It’s supplied by Restorative Botanicals and is one of the most effective warming balms that keep inflammation in check.

Price $14.99-$79.99 depending on size

Vital X Vaporizer

XVAPE Vital Vaporizer is a robust vaporizing instrument featuring an intuitive temperature control.

XVape Vital putting its competitors way behind in quality of vapor delivery. XVape Vital vaporizer has ceramic chamber and heats in seconds, OLED display, and handheld makes this portable vaporizer steps ahead.

Price $125

Northern Lights Tee

The Northern Lights indica is one of the most popular cannabis strains put there. It’s known for its dreamy effects, and has become a fab favorite especially in pop culture.

For dads who like keeping up with the times, Northern Lights Tees will definitely rock their Fathers day.

With the NL tee already in your gift pack, why not complete the gift by grabbing a few grams of the NL strain as you head home?

Price $30

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