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15 Best Weed Accessories Available in 2018

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15 Best Weed Accessories Available in 2018

Given that smoking weed is one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis, it comes as no surprise that there are many weed accessories available for weed smokers.

Whether you’re picturing a scene where people are sharing a joint or ripping some mad blunts, most weed smokers have weed accessories at hand to enhance their smoking.

The following list focuses on flower-related weed accessories. This is to say that the following accessories are for those who smoke weed instead of taking dabs or eating edibles.

That said, there are hundreds of weed accessories in the market today ranging from stash jars, grinders to rolling papers.

The following list is a good starting point for anyone looking to add a weed accessory to their set ups. We’ve broken it down to three main categories namely:

  • Papers
  • Classic Accessories
  • Glass and Other Pieces

Each category consists of capsules with a description header that gives you more information about the featured accessories. When you dive in, you’ll notice that the least expensive items are shown in the first capsule while the most expensive accessory occupies the last one.

Given the diverse nature of cannabis accessories out there, there’s no need to scour the internet looking for the ‘best weed accessory’.

Our list below provides you with the best weed accessories around, so let’s just dive in.

Paper weed accessories

When it comes to 420 weed accessories, papers are by far the most popular. These can be bought anywhere from local grocery stores to gas stations.

With rolling papers, all you need to set yourself up for a weed smoking session is to add your favourite bud.

To get the best value, always buy papers online, ahead of time to save some bucks as purchasing in-store could turn to be an expensive affair.

1. Rolling papers

These are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of smoking a joint. And rightly so because without it, there’s no joint, J, or doobie as weed rolls are commonly referred to.

With so many rolling papers in the market, you could be lost for choice.

It’s important to note that finding the right rolling paper for yourself can be a hassle, given the many choices. Instead of wasting money on bad rolling papers, you’re better off investing in some quality ones. Raw Rolling Papers brand is one of the most well-known rolling papers across the globe. They can be bought at any gas station or head store. The best thing about this brand is, it can be found just about anywhere, even in places that are far away from civilization.

Raw Rolling Papers are easy to use and anyone can easily roll their Js without much of a hassle.

For less than six dollars, you get four packs of rolling paper. For heavy rollers, essentially anyone who prefers rolling tons of Js at a time, they can buy more than the front packs.

For rookie joint rollers who lack the experience or the knowhow to roll Js, they can easily use Raw Rolling Papers with a joint rolling machine.

Whichever the case, the Raw rolling papers are your best choice. In case you’re interested is a different type of rolling paper, give these transparent or these flavoured ones a try. Price: $4.98

2. Pre-rolls

420 accessories has tons of options for you. It gets better when it comes to ‘things you can smoke weed out of’.

There’s no denying that joints are a classic. But what if you suck at rolling joints and you ain’t a fan of rolling machines? Pre-rolls are your solution.

The Raw Organic pre-rolls are available for you. Also referred to as cones, pre-rolls are pre-formed joints that have a tip. All you need is to get your bud into the cones, twist the ends and start smoking.

Pre-rolls are natural, unbleached and unrefined. Their paper is chlorine and GMO free and are not in any way derived from animal products.

A pack of Raw organic pre-rolls has 32 king-size rolls and you can choose from 3 regular sized ones.

If you need another pre-rolls option, be sure to check these cones for weed.

Price: $9.39. (33% off MRSP)

3. Blunt Wraps

Blunts are the big brother of joints. Most weed smokers started out with blunts. Stuff like White Owl Cigarillos and Swisher Sweets were good, but smokers always ended up smoking raw tobacco.

Instead of subjecting your lungs to raw tobacco, why not roll your blunt with the blunt wraps?

It’s not only better for your health, but it’s a stylish way of smoking.

For many years, ZigZag, a rolling paper manufacturer has made its name as the source of the most durable, unfilled wraps and rolling papers.

With blunt wraps, simply put in some bud, add a filter tip if you prefer some, light up and enjoy your blunt. (Remember, you can get some filters here if you’re looking to buy some)

You will never go wrong with wraps. For other options, check out the XXL blunt wraps. Price:$28.99

Glass & other pieces

After papers, pieces are the next most popular weed accessory.

But what are they? These are bongs, pipes or rigs that you can use yo smoke weed. Bongs are a popular trend in cannabis-related movies, hence their popularity in the weed smoking community. Why not pick a piece as your main weed accessory?

4. Chillum

Chillums are great weed accessories. But what exactly are chillums?

Also know as “one-hitter”, it’s a pipe that you can use to smoke weed. You simply add your bud and light up to get one hit. Just one. Two hits if you opt for baby puffs.

Unlike spoon pipes that have a big bowl at the top, Chillum bowls are found on the front of the pipe. As its name suggests, a one-hitter is ideal for solo seshes. But repackaging it is not one of the easiest tasks. It’s worth noting that the Chillum is not just for smoking weed, but can Aldo store up to three grams of weed; or an eighth. The other thing to note is that Chillum is made of granite, not glass.

Each comes with a clay filter and five screens. Price:$15

5. Pipe

There’s no doubt that glass pipes top the list of smoking devices. For a long time, pipes have been a central feature for weed smokers. They still are. A spoon pipe comes as a natural choice for any stoner.

The Cobalt Blue Spoon Pipe is the best choice when you decide to smoke cannabis with some friends. It has a deep bowl that can pack weed for an entire group. Alternatively, you can choose a solo sesh too.

Its carb is found on the bowl’s left side. With its flattened bottom, it won’t roll away. They come in different colours and patterns.

Price: $19.99


There are many cannabis accessories out there, and joints are among the classics. Besides joints, there are plenty of glass items like bongs. These can be had in a variety of materials, including ceramics and stone, glass and silicone. Glass ones are the most popular.

The Straight Ice Bong is a great device made of quality borosilicate glass. It allows you to get smooth hits because it has a slitted diffusor downstem and showerhead percolation.

(In case you want to replace the downstem, the 4.3″ long one is an ideal choice)

This particular piece has green accents. Its bowl has a green accent too and a handle.

Bongs come in different flavors. If you need to decide on the bong to settle for, don’t hesitate to peep at this list of glass bongs.

Price: $74.99

7. Vaporizer

Bongs, while popular have a downside because they produce lots of smoke. Definitely this is not good for your lungs.

So, what do you do when you need to get ripped? Vaporizers!

Vaporizers have the obvious health benefits. They also give you a better quality hit and conserve your hits even more effectively.

The Vapium Summit Plus is a solid device to think of if you need a vaporizer. Vapium sent me a unit to review and I must admit I was impressed.

For anyone who’s super active, a durable, compact and easy to refill vaporizer is a good choice. It’s also built with dry herbs in mind. It features an easy to fill chamber and a top attached to a string.

It has a magnetic lid. Once you turn it on, you’ll not need to hit any button as this one has an auto-pull feature.

It can be charges with a USB cord.

For your comfort, it comes equipped with eight temperature settings. That’s to say that it works perfectly well in both cold and hot temperatures, and is an excellent addition for any outdoors person.

With a two-year warranty, you won’t need to worry about it acting up on you. Here’s my Vapium Summit Plus full review.

In need of other vapes? You can get these for any budget or these for people on-the-go.

Price: $149.99

Classic Weed Accessories

We’ve already covered the traditional smoking devices and the not so traditional ones. Let’s now look at the 420 accessories classics.

8. Scale

As a weed smoker, having your own scale to weigh your bud is awesome. To be honest, most people know about grams and ounces from their smoking habits. Using scales takes cannabis consumption to a whole new level. For those who like baking or making cannabis edibles, they know the importance of having the exact amount of weed. With baking, it pays to have precise measurements.

Whatever your reason is, a scale is a perfect weed accessory that you need. The American Weigh Scale AWS 600 is your friend when it comes to weed scales. Its capacity is 600 grams, far more than most smokers’ daily supply.

It has some good qualities. For instance, it’s compact enough to fit in your pocket and can be recalibrated with a 500 gram weight.

All it needs to work is a few AAA batteries.

If this is not your exact requirement, check this other scale out.

Price: $8.83

9. Stash Jar

It really matters how you store your bud. All in all, you need to keep it fresh and moist and plastic bags are not a fantastic choice.

Most of us have used Mason jars in the past, but it makes all the sense to invest in a stash jar that’s smell-proof.

A smell-proof one will preserve the greenness of the bud while still maintaining its moisture content.

The Tightvac Portable Storage container is the ultimate solution. It’s made of durable materials and is lightweight. The jar can store up to an ounce of weed and is ideal for stoners who prefer to buy in bulk. If you also like travelling, this particular jar is an ideal choice. Once you’ve shut it, it keeps in all the smell. In need of other options? These weed containers are worth looking at.

Price: $9.99 (9% off MRSP)

10. Grinder

I can easily tell that most of us weed veterans started out without a grinder. And for a good reason. Cannabis was already expensive.

In case you added anything else other than a Chillum or the spoon pipe, it easily felt like you were paying for a car instalment.

Without a grinder, we’d sort the bud with fingers. While this seemed to do the trick, it wasted the bud because the tiny bits could stick to your fingers. A grinder seems to fix this problem.

Grinders are available in most local head shops, but these are bound to be expensive than the Herb&Weed Grinder with Kief Catch.

With the perfect teeth to drop hole ratio, it perfectly grinds your bud.

The good news is its made from scratch resistant material and comes with a year warranty. Grinders make smoking an easy task and you’ll not ever regret buying one.

That said, there are other grinders out there. Feel free to check some awesome herb grinders and these affordable ones under $ 15.

Price: $12.99

11. Rolling tray

Rolling trays save so much of your bud that could have been lost when you go rolling a joint or packing a bowl. They allow you to save all the kiefs and nugs that could have been tossed out when rolling a joint.

With rolling trays, you no longer need to roll a joint on a table or any other surface.

The Beamer Natural Bamboo Juju Rolling Tray is the rolling tray you’ve been looking for. It’s made of quality bamboo and comes with a carved out pot where you van place your newly rolled joints.

It’s made from chemical and dye-free materials so you won’t need to worry about inhaling noxious substances.

With these trays, you simply roll your greens without worry. Not your ideal choice? Feel free to loom at these other rolling trays.

12. Ash tray

Ash trays are among the least considered accessories. Why? Because most stoners reckon that they can easily dump ash in their trash cans. It sounds super easy, but it’s annoying to keep dashing to the trash can after every few puffs. It helps when you have an ashtray withing a few inches from where you sit. And no, shot glasses do not count as ash trays.

You can use a simple but lame looking ashtray but you don’t need to do that when there’s an ashtray the also functions as a debowler.

A debowler enables you to dig out ash that’s stuck inside the ashtray. It’s among the best 420 accessories around and can be had in 10 other colors. Looking for a classic piece? Look at this black ash tray made of ceramic.

Price: $19.50

Weed accessories that you might not be aware of

With the continued growth of the cannabis industry, new weed accessories are introduced into the market ever so often. There are tons of new accessories that you might have missed, or have never even heard about. Here are some super 420 accessories that you might not necessarily need but will be a thrill to add to your set up.

13. Hemp wick

This is among the most discussed but rarely used weed accessories. Beyond the name, most people don’t even know what it is.

Quick story time. There’s a time I moved to Chicago from Colorado. When I went to a local head store to get some stuff, I was surprised to learn that the store owner didn’t know what hemp wick was.

If you’re yet to hear about this cannabis extra, you’re not alone.

Compared to regular lighters, Hemp wick is friendly to the lungs as it doesn’t expose you to butane. It also helps you conserve the lighter fluid.

Unfortunately, not many head shops actually sell it. But I’ve got you sorted with this Bee Wick Hemp.

This particular one is an all-natural and is coated in bees wax of pharmaceutical grade. In all, its a 50 feet of hemp wax and is only 1 mm thick.

To use it, simply cut off some wick and wrap it around your lighter.

Always make sure you can access the end of the hemp and unstick it when ready to light your bowl. With this, you’ll be wondering how you’ve been smoking before you discovered it.

Want more than 50 feet of hemp wick? Get this 200 feet here.

Price: $5.95

14. Rolling machine

We all know these machines are mostly used for rolling weed, not cigars or tobacco.

If you are yet to master the art of rolling, a rolling machine could be a worthy item for you. With it you can easily place a filter on your joint. All you need is a rolling paper that fits, like the Raws we discussed earlier.

Because Raw is such a well-known brand, it makes great sense to buy a rolling machine from them. And their machines do work.

One important note is that machine rolled joints seem to be thinner than manually rolled ones. For less than six dollars, you can get a rolling machine. With it, you’ll consistently roll joints and your buddies won’t be laughing at your non-existent rolling skills.

Price: $4.99

Toker Poker

The easiest way to tell whether one smokes bud or cigarettes is by sighting ash in the bottom corner of their lighters.

Using a lighter as a poker seems convenient, only that it doesn’t do the job well. The lighter corner won’t reach the bud and this is where the Toner Poker comes in. This concept can slide on top of a lighter. You only need to be careful not to use wrapped lighters because they can strip the wrap off.

The extended corner of the Toner Poker allows you to poke the bud down to the center of the bowl. It’s a perfect gift for yourself, or any stoner and comes in a choice of 25.

For hemp wick lovers, see this hemp wick dispenser.

Price: $14.95

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