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CHART: What Are Possession Limits On Cannabis in Canada in 2019?

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* Courtesy of Lift & Co.

CONSUMER CHART 2019: What Are The Possession Limits On Cannabis in Canada 2019?

Following Canada’s legalization of cannabis, a raft of laws and regulations are expected to sweep the cannabis industry.

One of the most striking issues, that most cannabis consumers yearn to know, is where the limits will be for each and every cannabis product.  The reason is pretty straightforward: you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law as far as the possession limits for cannabis are concerned.

With the legalization of cannabis, you will see an array of new products and product types available on the market. At the moment, the typical cannabis consumer is trying to wrap their heads around what’s on offer and the implications of legalization.

With so much information to absorb within a short period of time, Lift&Co. is helping cannabis users to understand the possession limits for different cannabis products. They came up with a chart to determine the carry limits. It’s important to note that the limits are not based on THC content but on the weight of the product.

For flowers, the public personal possession limit stands at 30 grams, according to the Lift&Co. chart. They also note that you will only be allowed to carry 6000 mg of THC in flower, publicly. For edibles like gummies, the maximum amount you can carry around is 450 grams or 129 gummies, while 2100gms of capsules sublingual is the public personal possession limit. This translates into 4200 capsules whose THC content shouldn’t exceed 42000 mg.

When it comes to beverages, you will be contravening the law if you exceed 2.1 litres of a cannabis-based beverage. For beverages, you can only carry six bottles with a maximum THC content of 60ml.

For topicals, such as face creams and hair products, the public personal possession limit is 2100gms or 21 bottles of face cream not exceeding 21000 mg of THC. It’s important to note that one gram of flower can make 70 grams of face cream. Face cream producers are barred from exceeding the THC content of face cream from the recommended 1000 mg per package. When it comes to liquid concentrates like vape pens, you can only have 7.5 grams in public. This is equal to 12.5 vape cartridges not exceeding 12, 500 mg of THC. Manufacturers THC limit per cartridge is 1000 mg. The same goes for solid concentrates like Shatter and resin. The maximum allowed limit is 7.5 grams translating to 7.5g shatter, with a THC content of below 7500 mg.

Shatter and resin producers have a THC cap of 100 mg per package.

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