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Complete Guide to Earning & Redeeming HighClub Points & Rewards

*PLEASE NOTE: Our HighClub Reward Points program has been indefinitely suspended due to technical issues to our system. This change will improve the overall experience for all of our users and we will continue to provide our other amazing discount programs, including our heavily-discounted sale product pricing and all of our great discount codes available on our Current Promos page, which we provide in order to live up to our goal of providing the best value for the dollar for cannabis in Canada. Please read the full update by clicking here. 

Guide to Earning & Redeeming HighClub Points & Rewards

At HighClub, we like to reward our amazing, loyal customer base by giving back in the form of our HighClub Points & Rewards program. 

Our HighClub Rewards Points is one of the most lucrative points programs of any online store.

Below, we’ll go through our different HighClub Points & Rewards program and go over exactly how you can redeem them so that you can save big on your next orders:

Earning HighClub Points

With every purchase you make on our online dispensary Canada, you earn 1 HighClub Reward Point for every dollar spent.

For example, if you spend $150 on your order, as soon as the order is paid for and is in Processing status, your HighClub account will earn 150 HighClub Reward Points.

The best part is: Every 100 points you earn is worth $2.00, which you can be applied as a credit towards future orders.

Using our same example above for a $150 order, your 150 Points would be redeemable on a future order for a total cash value of $3.00. 

Earning through the HighClub Partner Program

The HighClub Partner Program at HighClub allows you to save big from your friend’s cannabis habits!

If your referral makes a single-time purchase on our online dispensary Canadayou’ll earn 5% towards store credit for their order. 

For example, if you provide your referral link (aka referral URL) to a friend and they enter our site through that link and make a purchase on our website for $150, for example, your HighClub account will receive a reward of 5% of that order total (or $7.50) once your referral has paid for their order and their order is in Processing status and is eventually shipped.

Since I’m sure we all know people who enjoy cannabis products, this can be an excellent way for you to save on your own orders by redeeming your Referral Rewards towards your own orders.

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for your own referral link by visiting the following page:

HighClub Partner Program

Checking your current HighClub Points & Rewards

To view your current balance of HighClub Points & Rewards, simply log in to your account and visit ‘My Account‘ on the top navigation bar and scroll down on your Account Dashboard.

You will see your Points Log to see a complete log of your points activity to keep track of your current Points balance.

*Please note: Coupon codes included on our Current Promos page are only eligible for Individual Use Only and not eligible for use with any other promotions or Points & Rewards programs.  

online dispensary bc

If you scroll down a little more, you will see the section regarding the HighClub Partner Program.

To view information including your paid referrals, unpaid referrals, and your store credit balance, click on the ‘Statistics’ tab to see all of this information.

Redeeming your HighClub Points at checkout

When you have accumulated any number of HighClub Reward Points, whenever you place an order and visit the Checkout page, you will see a yellow notification bar pop up on the bottom of the page notifying you of how many points you currently have and the cash value of those points, as shown below:

highclub coupons

*Please note: Our coupon codes on our Current Promos page are for Individual Use Only, and are not applicable with any of our other programs, including, but not limited to our HighClub Points & Referrals programs.

Redeeming your HighClub Referral Rewards with Store Credit

To redeem your HighClub Referral Rewards by redeeming it as store credit, you must have a Paid Referrals balance which is redeemable during the Checkout process, as shown below.

As we must confirm every referral manually (as there is potential an order didn’t ship for any random reason, including cancellation or inventory issues), your Unpaid Referral balance will not be eligible for redemption as store credit until we mark it as a Paid Referral.

If you currently have an Unpaid Referral balance that you would like to request be changed to a Paid Referral so that you can redeem the store credit, please email us at and we will complete your request if possible as soon as possible during business hours.

Your current balances can be view on your Account Dashboard.


* This program is for a Limited Time Only and is subject to change or discontinuation at any time so please take advantage of this opportunity now while you still can. Store credit is not redeemable for cash at any time and is only redeemable while the program is still active. 

If you have any further questions regarding our HighClub Points & Rewards programs, please send us an email or simply leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 

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