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8 Ways to Counteract Effects of Weed When Your Too High

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When it comes to cannabis consumption, there’s a thin line between getting high and getting too high.

Most consumers say that getting high is good, but things turn ugly once you get too high. And it happens a lot in cannabis circles.

It could be that you have a low tolerance to cannabis and that you accidentally end up consuming too much of it or that one day, you decided to impress your friends by breathing in too deeply when vaping. Or maybe you took up too many edibles.

Chances are you’ll end up getting a high that is too intense and therefore makes you uncomfortable. If this happens, it’s a major turn off for any consumer, seasoned or not.

Fortunately, there’s a way you can beat the too-high effect and still enjoy your weed. The following tips will help you overcome a high that is too intense.

Don’t panic

Once you’ve had too much cannabis, the secret is to stay calm. Whatever you do, don’t panic. There’s no reason to panic as the too-intense effects of weed can only last a few hours if not only minutes. You might be sweating profusely and freaking out after taking in too much weed, but the effects will dissipate after some time. Give it time.

Besides, there’s no risk of death. Contrary to what most people think about the effects of excess consumption of weed, no one ever died after consuming too much weed.

Know your limits before consuming weed

This tip might not be very helpful once you’re stoned out but it could come handy the next time you’re thinking of consuming marijuana: Always prepare beforehand. It’s also a good thing to know your tolerance levels, as this will stop you from getting into an uncomfortable situation. To be on the safe side, consume weed in the company of friends you can trust.

As a rule of thumb, never feel pressured to impress anyone as this could easily lead to overconsumption. It’s a good thing to make new friends, but you certainly don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of strangers as you go over the edge with your weed. You need trusted friends who you’re comfortable being around, and who can be honest with you and tell you that you’ve probably consumed more weed than you’re able to handle.

We recommend that you take it slow with edibles, as well, as edibles can really get you too high if you take too much. You can start with a 10mg cookie to ease into the session, taking one-hour breaks between edibles. The same applies to other consumption methods, including vaporizers.

Have water and light snacks ready

When consuming weed, staying hydrated is important. Keep drinking lots of water in order to avoid having a dry mouth. A hydrated body will certainly take in the effects of weed much better than a dehydrated one. If water is not your favourite hydrant, you can try juices.

By all means, avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol as these could accelerate your THC intake in the bloodstream. Other than water, light snacks help you feel grounded. Fruits, nuts or cheese are a good way to beat the intense effects of weed.

Keep some black pepper on hand

For some, getting high can bring about a bit of anxiety and paranoia. If this happens, you could chew some black peppercorns. For a long time, black pepper was used in most households to beat paranoia and anxiety and a huge number of people swear by its effectiveness. You can always try it when you feel like paranoia and anxiety are setting in as you go about your business of consuming marijuana.

Keep calm and rest

Taking a slow, deep breath and having a good rest will naturally calm your nerves. It’s recommended for anyone who is too high on weed. Once you feel like you have consumed too much weed, go find a quiet place and rest. Take slow, deep breaths and exhale through your mouth. For a moment, you should only focus on your breathing in order to distract your mind.

By doing this, you can easily fall asleep. Take a nap and relax if needed. If you can’t trick your brain into falling asleep, keep calm and rest assured that the symptoms will dissipate in a few hours at most.

Try going for a walk

Most of the time, a breath of fresh air will help you to reinvigorate. Why not go for a walk in order to change the scenery? Remember to stay close to your immediate surroundings, as it’s not a good idea to wander too far away. Not with the effects of weed, which could include paranoia, kicking in. T

he only time you can refrain from taking a walk is when you feel too lightheaded to stand. In that case, option #5 is recommended.

Take a shower or a bath

If you’re consuming weed within the confines of your house, taking a bath is a pleasant way of beating an intense high. It helps you relax. Maybe add some scented candles if you’re into that.

However, while this is, in fact, a good idea, it might not work if you’re not at home. Asking to take a bath when you’re at your friend’s place might not be a feasible idea.

Distract your mind

There are many entertaining activities that you can settle on to distract your mind. You can; listen to your favourite album, watch a cartoon or play a video game. You can also eat a delicious meal, talk to your friends or even snuggle with your significant other.

Whatever distraction you choose, it should boost your emotions.

Bonus tip: Try some CBD

CBD is a known anti-anxiety drug. It helps many people to fight the effects of THC. If none of the above tips seems to work, seek medical attention. Your physician or nurse should be able to handle cannabis-induced anxiety.

There have also been studies that show CBD mixed with THC can lessen the effects of THC or the “high” feeling you’re used to experiencing when consuming marijuana.

Hopefully, you will find at least one of the above tips working for you, with brilliant results. If you’ve ever gotten a too-intense high, share your experience with us in the comments section and let us know what helped you.

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