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How to Celebrate 4/20 on a Budget

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The 20th of April, also commonly known as 4/20, is without a doubt one of the most chill occasions that we all look forward to.

And it’s going to be massive this year, as it falls on a Saturday. For weed enthusiasts, you have a whole weekend to get stoned.

It’s even bigger for Canadian stoners this year as they get to celebrate their first 4/20 this year with marijuana being legal all across Canada.

All this might sound exciting, but holidays have never been budget friendly.

So to help you enjoy this year’s 4/20 in 2019 on a budget, we have compiled the following guide:

Check out the deals with your dispensary

Most dispensaries give out special deals or free goodies to their long-time customers. These goodies could include pre-rolled joints, complementary gram flowers and free edibles, or help you save big on weed for 4/20 such as our 4/20 deals available at HighClub. As cannabis can be expensive usually, 4/20 can be a great time to check out your online dispensary this 4/20 to get some great deals.

Plan your shopping spree in due time

If you’re on a tight budget and you want to treat yourself to a great 4/20, do your research well. Fortunately, most dispensaries have daily, weekly or monthly deals that you can take advantage of. Such deals cover all types of cannabis products from edibles to flower. Such deals are an ideal way of saving big on your preferred cannabis products. If you’re looking to buy cannabis ware, shopping ahead of time is an ideal method to save lots of cash. The trick is that most deals happen months, weeks or days before.

Stick with weed-infused edible

A tight budget shouldn’t be the reason why you wouldn’t celebrate your 4/20. Not when the market is awash with cost-friendly edibles. Compared to flowers or concentrates, edibles are a potent source of THC and give an intense, long-lasting high. The good news is that edibles are also affordable. For instance, if you visit our Edibles selection, for only $13, you’ll walk out of the store with 150mg of THC. For microdosers, these will have you going for a while. Whatever you pick, planning ahead and researching widely could give you the best deal. It’s also important to eat well before taking your first dose. Once you take the first dose, it’s recommended that you wait for another two hours before taking a second one.

Ask shops about budget-friendly strains and products

Most shops have budget-friendly strains, but you need to be bold enough to ask. However, it’s important to note that some budget products might lack the exact effects that you’re looking for. It can also be the case that some might be made of animal products so it’s always a good thing to communicate your needs clearly to the budtender, especially if you’re a vegan.

Split your cost with friends

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to smoke joints or consume edibles this 4/20. You can save lots of money by sharing your costs and products with your gang of friends. However, before heading out to a dispensary, ask from your friends about their preferences. If they are after energizing strains and these are not your cup of tea, you can propose a hybrid strain. Furthermore, it’s important to get the crew’s dietary restrictions if you all opt for edibles.

Consider a pre-rolled joint

Pre-rolls might have a bad reputation, but they are a convenient way of getting high. In all of my years of smoking, I’m yet to find a pre-rolled joint that disappointed. They are potent and can last for a number of smoke sessions especially when you’re toking alone. And it’s not hard to find budget-friendly pre-rolled joints at most dispensaries that sell them for as low as $5. What’s more – you get a gram of flower at a price range between $10 and $15.

Cook instead of eating out

Cooking your own meals at home is way cheaper than eating out or ordering a pizza. The good news is, cooking and cannabis is a great combination. You don’t need to be a great cook to create a meal at home. Fortunately, there are recipe books that can help you make simple but potent weed-infused meals at home without spending loads of money (or just stick a frozen pizza in the oven).

Spend the day outdoors

Like me, most people prefer getting high outdoors. Weed enhances outdoor activities like hiking and picnics in the park. Besides this, you can do yoga in your backyard and that still counts as an outdoor activity. One of the benefits of an outdoor setting is that it boosts your serotonin, making you a happier person. If you decided to spend this 4/20 in a park, there are plenty of them that don’t charge an entrance fee, although others like the Grand Canyon charge a vehicle entrance fee. Before going to the park, make sure you have enough snacks. It’s also important to be discreet and respectful while smoking your joints, as weed smoke is not everyone’s favourite. Additionally, make a point of discarding your trash before leaving the park. If you’re in Vancouver, be sure to check out the annual 4/20 celebration in Downtown Vancouver.

Plan a cozy night in

Spending a quality night at home is cheaper than a night out. There are so many things you can do at home all by yourself, including eating good food, self-care, watching Netflix, bonding with your pets or even trying your hand at one of these adult colouring books. If you have a budding partner, you can make a romantic dinner or make use of this cannabis-infused lubes. Additionally, you can opt to get high and cuddle while gazing at stars.

Happy 4/20!

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