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Cannabis Oil and Juul Vape Pens

cannabis oil vape pens

Weed is now legal substance in Canada. With that problem out of the way, it’s important to understand that there are many methods of consuming it. You can smoke flowers, make edibles with it, use topicals or even vape it. When it comes to vaping, there are many more options at your disposal, and cannabis oils and Juul are some of these.

Cannabis oils have CBD, THC or both. They can be consumed using a vape pen, e-cigarette, or vaporizer, and are an excellent choice for both recreational and medical use. You can also enjoy cannabis oils using the popular Juul products. In this guide, you’ll learn about cannabis oils and using Juuls as the delivery method.

What are cannabis oils?

For those who have never tried cannabis oils, these are liquid extracts from the cannabis plant. They contain THC, CBD and other cannabinoids and can be consumed in a variety of methods. One popular method of consuming cannabis oils is by using tinctures. With tinctures, you put a few drops of the oil under your tongue, which will be absorbed immediately. It’s a fantastic method of delivery for both medical and recreational marijuana users.

Oils give an almost instant effect as they are absorbed fast. You don’t need to wait for hours, or even minutes, for the effects of cannabis to kick in. Whether you’re after the psychoactive effects of THC or the many medical benefits of CBD, cannabis oils are a sure way to go and you won’t be disappointed.

It’s important to note that not all oils are designed to be used with tinctures. Others are made for vaping. All you need is to place the oils in the combustion chambers of a vaporizer, heat it up, and inhale the vapor for instant effects.

What is vaping?

Baking or vaporizing is a smokeless method of weed consumption. Vaping allows you to consume all kind of products, from flowers to concentrates like hash and wax. But the most common vaporizers are designed to work with e-juices and cannabis oils.

According to research, most cannabis users are moving into vaping, given its many advantages over smoking. For instance, it provides a level-headed high as it doesn’t involve burnt chemicals.

Unlike smoking, vaping doesn’t expose you to lung diseases.

According to a 2018 study, vaping is more effective than smoking. It allows you to inhale more THC than you could if you were smoking cannabis. Besides, you get to enjoy the flavours from the weed more effectively in comparison to when vaping.

All in all, vaping is a healthy, flavorful method of consuming weed. It also delivers potent effects. What is needed? To start vaping, all you need is a vaporizer or a vape pen. Nowadays there are many vaping pens available on the market and you’ll be spoiled for choice. Most of these are commonly called e-cigarettes. There’s one brand that’s been designed to work with cannabis. A Juul is a specialized vape pen that’s mainly used with pods.

What are Juuls?

A Juul is a specialized cape pen that’s rectangular in shape. It works well with special Juul pods. Juul pods are special square-shaped boxes that are filled with oil for vaporizing. Juuls are so popular that they account for 75% over the e-cigarettes market according to statistics firm Nielsen.

Juuls are popular because they are easy to use. While most people use Juuls together with tobacco pods, there are many pods that use THC or CBD only or both. Juul pods help you consume THC or CBD safely. If you can’t find juice pods for cannabis oil, you can buy any refillable pods and fill them with cannabis oil.

Why use Juul and cannabis oil?

Juuls are easy to use and come in sleek designs, which is the reason that they are the favourite of most users. Furthermore, they are readily available as they can be bought at any leading recreational or medical marijuana store or even online.

If you can’t find a Juuls for THC or CBD, you can buy an empty one and fill with the cannabinoid that you wish to vape. Always remember that using a Juul product is safer than smoking. Juuls also gives a more intense high.

Alternatives to Juuls

Juuls are an ideal way of vaping cannabinoids. You just have to buy a Juul full of your favourite cannabinoid and you’re ready to enjoy your cannabis right away. But Juuls aren’t the only way of enjoying cannabis. There are many other alternatives to Juuls that you can consider.

The following alternatives are a good replacement for Juuls:

Factory 710 500mg THC Disposable Vape Pen

The Factory 710 THC Disposable Vape Pen comes with a 500mg THC dosage and easy-to-use and to dispose of when you’re finished.

Keyy Concentrates Vape Pen Kit

The Keyy Concentrates Vape Pen Kit is an excellent choice. It comes with a battery, charger and a cartridge full with 0.8mL of 72% THC distillate, a very popular choice with our customers at HighClub.

Final point

Given the clear-cut advantages of vaping, it’s not surprising that most people are choosing vaping over other delivery methods.

Juuls are becoming the favourite of many cannabis users and e-cigarette users in general. Of course, there are many other vaping solutions out there, but a Juul offers the convenience of ease of use, while still delivering an intense high.

Vaping doesn’t involve any burning of cannabis and is considered a healthier way of consuming cannabis. All in all, vaping is one of the most fantastic methods of getting the most out of cannabis.

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