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What Is Shatter and How to Use It

guide to using shatter

For cannabis consumers, there are many ways of legally enjoying their treat – anything from tinctures to edibles to hash oils. But once in a while, every cannabis enthusiast should try a concentrate.

Concentrates might be compacted into small sizes but they have some of the highest THC levels for a quick, long-lasting effect. Some concentrates are so loaded with THC that they are actually stronger than most cannabis strains.

You cannot talk about concentrates without mentioning shatter, one of the most popular of these concentrates. The following guide explains what shatter is and how it’s used.

What is shatter

It’s a hard, yellow substance that looks like a sheet of cheese. Shatter has holes and cracks like glass. It’s loaded with a high dose of THC, making it a potent product. Shatter is derived from the cannabis plant when cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted from the plant in a solvent-based process.

While most weed strains have 15-20% of THC content, shatter has over 70%. Given its potency, most people opt for shatter instead of other weed products. Shatter can be broken into small pieces and can be smoked, dabbed or vaped.

How to use shatter

Like with any other cannabis product, there are many ways of using and consuming shatter. For a start, you can break it with your fingers or burn it. Essentially, you need to break it up into small pieces for ease of use.

Most users consider a dab rig to be one of the most enjoyable methods of using shatter. A dab rig looks like a bong, complete with a metal nail and a blow torch. All you need to do is to place some of the shatter on the nail and burn it using the blow torch. Inhale to get a fast setting high that lasts for a long time.

Shatter can also be used in a vape pen or vaporizer. You’ll need to check whether the vaporizer you’re using is designed for concentrates since it is not supported by all types and models.

The process is simple: simply place the shatter in the chamber, press the button to heat it up, then inhale the vapour. When using shatter on a vaporizer, you should think of adding some weed as shatter on its own doesn’t burn well.

Where to buy shatter

Most weed stores across Canada stock shatter, so you can acquire some at your nearest store or you can buy shatter online at HighClub. HighClub is one of the best shatter retailers with a rich list of different strains of shatter.

Here are some of the top shatters that you can check out:

  • Factory 710 Pineapple Shatter, a powerful product with high levels of THC designed to give you a stimulating feel.

Alternatives to shatter

Shatter might be one of the most potent concentrates out there — but there are alternatives. Here are some alternatives to shatter that are worth your time.

Hash: It’s made of compressed resin derived from the cannabis plant. It’s sold as a brick that can be shattered to be used in a dab rig, vaporizer or in a joint.

Edibles: Some of the cannabis edibles out there are so potent that they can give you a stronger high than that of a shatter. Once you have eaten an edible, it’s converted into 11-hydroxy-THC, a potent form that has intense effects. Another thing with edibles is that they take longer for the effects to kick in, but once they do, the effects last for hours.

Flowers: if concentrates are not your thing and you prefer weed instead, you can still enjoy flower. There are many strains of flowers out there. They might not give you an intense high in the way that concentrates do but they are still very enjoyable.


For anyone looking for strong effects from cannabis, shatter is one of the best options. It has high THC-levels that give long-lasting and stimulating highs. Most people use it for recreational purposes but it’s also an effective pain reliever. It also lessens the symptoms of inflammation, stress, and other conditions.

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