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What is THC Distillate? Everything You Need to Know

THC Distillate: Here’s All You Need to Know

More than ever before, the world is moving towards healthy food options. In the world of marijuana, healthier medicinal marijuana options are becoming a top choice for most people as they seek to live optimally.

However, with so many products in the industry targeting the medical marijuana industry, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the best solution out there.

Weed products come in different forms, including edibles, THC extracts, and tinctures.

For long, THC Distillate is emerging as the next big thing in the medical marijuana industry. But how different is it from ordinary wax or shatter?

Let’s look at how THC Distillate differs from other marijuana products.

How it’s made

Basically, THC distillates are made through a new technology that’s been integrated into Cannabis Laboratories distillation process.

The unique “Short Path Distillation” process is the first of its kind in the industry.

To distill cannabis, you need very high temperatures to vaporize the cannabinoid in the weed. This technology is helpful because it features a high power vacuüm which can distill weed at low temperatures.

The Short Path Distillation method, which was introduced by Root Sciences enables distillation of Cannabinoids at low temperatures. Here’s how:

The VTA equipment allows for a “low residence time.”

In the distillation industry, low residence time is the amount of heat that cannabis is exposed to before it’s evaporated.

Distillation equipment with a more powerful vacuüm needs low temperatures to vaporize Cannabinoids, compared to machines with bless powerful vacuums. Molecular distillation separates all the components of THC, including terpenes (you can add these later), lipids, plant material, pesticides and all the other components.

The process

THC distillation is a two-part process. In the first part, terpenes are removed from the cannabis. In the second part of the process, you remove the lipids, solvents, and impurities to get an odourless, clear distillate.

The film evaporator generates a fine distillate that produces oil, for use in cape cartridges, edibles, and tinctures.

Because of the high boiling point of cannabinoids, the distillate is usually thick and viscous.

To deal with the undesired results, the machine is usually designed in a way that enables it to process viscous substances like honey or pure cannabinoids.

Compared to THC, a thick substance, CBD is usually a crystallized substance. Because of the thickness of THC, it’s refined in a delicate process that requires extra care and skill.

VTA distillers are known for their prowess in refining Cannabis oil and are the manufacturer of choice for Root Sciences.

Advantages of Distillate

It’s pure

The distillation process gives us a pure extraction. As such, binding it with marijuana products is easy as no solvents are needed. The extract greatly differs from ordinary extractions Luke BHO and Co2 because the latter must be mixed with alcohol-based solvents to create a finished product.

Other than this, it always feels good when you know that you can get high quality, impurity-free THC. However, this does not mean that THC with impurities is harmful to you.

THC content

Another major advantage of distilled Cannabis is the high THC content, which ranges between 90-99% when distilled using this process.

Compared to other extractions, distillates give the highest THC content. BHO and Co2 extractions, for instance, have THC content of between 60 and 80%, while the flower THC content ranges between 15 and 20%.

Because it uses a clean distillation process, THC Distillate is emerging as an industry-leading product.

Discreet Usage

The above distillation process generates an odourless and flavorless product that can be consumed discretely.

The good news is that THC can be used alongside other medical applications even at the workplace. The fact that it’s odourless means that you can discretely consume it, even if your workplace doesn’t allow the use of cannabis as medicine.

Benefits of using THC Distillate

Because it’s pure and clean, it’s a versatile medicine that can be consumed in different ways.

Clean smoke

THC Distillate doesn’t have any impurities or chemicals. As such, it produces clean smoke or vapor when smoked.

For users who dislike the harsh marijuana smoke, this is an excellent alternative.

Effective immediately

One thing that sets THC apart from other weed products is the fact that its effects hit you immediately you consume it.

This is possible because its THC content is already activated. For patients in need of fast-acting medicine, THC Distillate is a perfect choice.

Used by medical patients

Ever since RSO (Rick Simpsons Oil) was introduced in the medical industry, use of high THC extracts has become the most preferred method of administering a high dose of cannabis to a patient. Without high THC extracts, the only other way of getting a high dosage of cannabis is to smoke lots of weed flowers for long periods of time.

The fact that THC effects are immediately felt after consumption makes it an ideal product for medical patients.

How to consume THC Distillate

Given its versatility, there are many ways of consuming THC. Essentially, it is pure and has no chemicals and is suitable for all patients as they can consume it in whichever way they prefer.

Here are the most popular ways of consuming THC Distillate


Using THC Distillate with a vape is a simple and straightforward method of consuming it. You only need to refill the small vape tank. For best results, use a ceramic coil instead of the ordinary cotton coil.

While a cotton coil doesn’t alter the potency of the Distillate, it can alter its taste. A ceramic coil is the best choice because it allows you to enjoy terpenes which are present in the distillate.


Dabbing is another popular method of consuming THC. To take a dab is to vaporize THC on a hot surface, a great way of consuming cannabis without wasting its end product.

Smoke it

Most people like to smoke marijuana. With THC Distillate, the fun in smoking weed is not lost. THC can be spread in the rolling paper and smoked in a joint.

Doing this allows you to use less flowers, while attaining the medicinal effects of weed. Additionally, you can as add the oil to the joint for an improved burn and smoke quality.


The THC Distillate can be consumed through the mouth. You can put a drop or two of THC under your tongue or use it to cook food. whichever way you use it, its effects will be felt immediately as its THC content is already active.

THC is also flavorless and odourless and can be used when preparing any meal. For those seeking a perfectly tasty meal with no marijuana taste, this does the trick.

Why Distillate over smoking?

Smoking flowers is, without a doubt, the most popular method of consuming weed.

While smoking weed is not in any way associated with lung diseases, too much smoke in your lungs will definitely have a toll on your health in the long run. THC eradicates this risk.

Additionally, the smoking of flowers is limiting because you can only obtain up to 25% THC content.

In comparison, THC distillate has a THC content of up to 99% making it the superior option as you only need a small amount to get high.

THC distillate is also odourless. As such, it gives users the liberty to smoke weed in public places without worrying about getting caught.

Overall, THC distillate is a revolutionary product that will continue to transform the lives of people with conditions that can be treated using cannabis.

If you haven’t tried THC Distillate, this is the perfect time to give it a shot.

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