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Looking for a safe, secure online dispensary New Brunswick as a quick way to buy weed online in New Brunswick? Well, you’ve found the best online dispensary in Canada to buy quality products from, including Indica weed, Sativa weed, Hybrid weed, Marijuana Edibles, CBD Oils, Vaporizers, Budder, Shatter, and so much more!

HighClub is a mail order marijuana service that allows Canadians to buy medical marijuana online in New Brunswick and receive it in only 1-3 business days using Canada Post XpressPost shipping.

After you’ve selected the cannabis products you’d like to purchase, you simply go to your cart, checkout, and you’ll receive your Order Receipt by email with instructions on how send payment via Interac E-Transfer.

HighClub.ca is simply the safest and most secure way to purchase weed online in New Brunswick, including in: 

  • Moncton
  • Saint John
  • Fredericton
  • Bathurst
  • Edmundston
  • Miramichi
  • Campbellton
  • Dieppe
  • Shediac
  • and Anywhere Else In New Brunswick!

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Complete Guide to Earning & Redeeming HighClub Points & Rewards

Guide to Earning & Redeeming HighClub Points & Rewards At HighClub, we like to reward our amazing, loyal customer base by giving back in the form of our HighClub Points & Rewards program.  Our HighClub Rewards Points is one of the most lucrative points programs of any online store. Below, we'll go through our different HighClub Points & Rewards program and go over exactly how you can redeem them so that you can save big on your next orders: Earning HighClub Points With every purchase you make on our online dispensary Canada, you earn 1 HighClub Reward Point for every dollar spent. For example, if you spend $150 on your order, as soon as the order is paid for and is in Processing status, your HighClub account will earn 150 HighClub Reward Points. The best part is: Every 100 points you earn...

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what are terpenes

Cannabis Terpenes: What they are and how they affect you

Cannabis terpenes: What they are and how they affect you Different foods have diverse smells. Some smell rich and meaty, while others have herbal notes. But what do we actually smell in foods or even wines? The answer is simple: Terpenes! Terpenes are what you sense in meals, flowers, fruits wines, or in cleaning detergents. They are organic compounds that give each plant a unique flavour or smell. They are the reason you can tell apart a pineapple and a coconut. Terpenes are also conveniently present in cannabis flowers. Let’s have a look at what terpenes are, how they work, and how you can choose terpene profiles when buying cannabis yourself. What are terpenes? Pronounced as “tur-peens”, these are aromatic metabolites that are found in oils of all plants that exist in the universe. Given the many plants, the number of terpenes is high. Scientist...

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Buy weed accessories online canada

15 Best Weed Accessories Available in 2018

15 Best Weed Accessories Available in 2018 Given that smoking weed is one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis, it comes as no surprise that there are many weed accessories available for weed smokers. Whether you're picturing a scene where people are sharing a joint or ripping some mad blunts, most weed smokers have weed accessories at hand to enhance their smoking. The following list focuses on flower-related weed accessories. This is to say that the following accessories are for those who smoke weed instead of taking dabs or eating edibles. That said, there are hundreds of weed accessories in the market today ranging from stash jars, grinders to rolling papers. The following list is a good starting point for anyone looking to add a weed accessory to their set ups. We've broken it down to three main...

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cannabis legalization canada 2018

7 cannabis experts make post-legalization predictions

7 cannabis experts make post-legalization predictions After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, what does the future hold for Canada? Recently, a panel of 7 cannabis experts looked through the haze to predict Canada's post-legalization future. For most Canadians, October 17 presents a new dawn. It's the official date when cannabis consumption will be allowed across Canada. Although everyone seems to know October 17 as the date when cannabis will become legal in Canada, most people do not actually know what will happen after the historic day. That's why so many people have lots of questions in their minds as they think about the new regime when weed consumption is finally legalized across Canada. Some of these questions are: What happens to the cannabis black market? Will it die or will it thrive? Will cannabis laws be fair?...

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cannabis for cold flu

Using cannabis when you have a cold or flu

Should you use cannabis when you have a cold or the flu? With the cold season approaching, colds and flu are soon to be commonplace and many cannabis consumers could be wondering if they're okay to continue their marijuana use to relieve their symptoms or if it will cause the opposite effect only prolonging their sickness. Cannabis is a proven pain reliever and has been praised for effectively remedying serious ailments like aids and cancer among many others. The good news is that you could still use cannabis to relieve your cold and flu symptoms. However, it's important to note that there are risks and concerns associated with smoking cannabis when you're sick. These include irritation to your throat which could, in turn, exacerbate your symptoms, prolonging your recovery. Despite the downside of smoking cannabis when you have the flu,...

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Marijuana legalization canada

Dealing with the US border after cannabis is legalized

Smoking weed can get Canadians banned from the US An estimated 400, 000 people cross the border between US and Canada every day which will continue on after the Cannabis Act comes into force in Canada on October 17, 2018. Without a doubt, the new laws have left many Canadians worried as far as cannabis use and travel across the border are concerned. We've compiled answers to frequently asked questions regarding travelling with cannabis across the borders of US and Canada. Can I bring marijuana across the border into the US? The answer is no. You are not allowed to cross the border US/Canada border while in the possession of cannabis. And it doesn't really matter from which side you're coming from. Cannabis is still illegal in the United States at the federal level. Alternatively, once cannabis is legal in Canada,...

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