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CBD Rest Sleep Shot Nanozzz


CBDXtreme NanoZzz is a delicious liquid rest-aid that delivers what you need for night-time rest and rejuvenation. It combines the wellness support of hemps powerful phytocannabinoids, and adaptogenic herbs in the ultimate delivery system for maximum benefits. This synergistic botanical terpene boosted tincture for sleep is the THC-free, all-natural way to the perfect night’s rest.

CBDXtreme NanoZzz Night-time Rest Shot is a phytocannabinoid rest aid that helps you enjoy the deep rest you need to awaken refreshed and ready to meet the demands of daily life.

Crafted with adaptogenic herbs to help calm the mind and provide relief, this convenient and delicious beverage for improved night-time rest also delivers the benefits of nanotechnology in Heneplex full spectrum phytocannabinoid hemp complex. Heneplex combines non-psychotropic phytocannabinoids and over 75 botanical terpenes to help you rest and rejuvenate, in a size that can be absorbed at the cellular level


CBD Energy Shot – AMP’d Up

CBDXtreme AMP’D UP is a tasty hemp-infused energy shot that packs the power to get you through your day. It combines the wellness support of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids, botanical terpenes, b-vitamins, and caffeine in the ultimate delivery system. This synergistic blend is the THC-FREE all natural way to the energy you crave.

CBDXtreme AMP’D UP Mixed Berry Energy Shot gives you the quick nutritional support and energy boost you need to excel through your day.

Loaded with b-vitamins like those in fruits and vegetables and packing the punch of 2 cups of premium coffee, this convenient and tasty phytocannabinoid energy shot also delivers the power of unique nanotechnology in Heneplex full spectrum hemp complex for ultimate delivery. Heneplex combines non-psychotropic phytocannabinoids and over 75 botanical terpenes to energize your life.


CBD Naturals Solar Rain – Water


Everyone knows the importance of drinking water to stay hydrated, healthy and even to lose weight, but not all water is created equal. Our bodies are naturally a little alkaline. The problem is that poor diet, lack of exercise or too much exercise, and stress can throw our body’s pH levels out of whack, which can cause a host of problems like inflammation, weight gain, low energy, mood swings and slow digestion.

By combining the ultra-hydrating, detox and weight loss benefits of Alkaline water (pH 9+) with the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant benefits of hemp CBD and the health benefits of other vital minerals and nutrients, Isodiol’s team of researchers, doctors and collaborators have come up with functional waters they believe offer a virtual fountain of youth, health and performance.

As with all Isodiol hemp CBD-infused products, Solar Rain Nano and Hemp Rain utilize Isodiol’s technological advancements in reducing the particle size of hemp CBD to make it the most bio-available hemp CBD on the market. These ion-sized nutrients (the size that can move through cells’ membranes) are encased it with water molecules – forming a small, flexible, ionic-size water cluster. This makes our hemp CBD-infused water nearly instantly bio-available by powering up your cells with a greater nutrition delivery system.