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Hybrid cannabis strains provide the best of both worlds. Expert breeders select the top sativa and indica strains and combine them into super strains that maintain the best aspects from both parents. Hybrids can be sativa or indica dominant and have the effects to match.

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Green Goddess


Green Goddess is an indica-dominant hybrid that descends from Skunk #1 and Sweet Leaf Indica. With an aroma that blends notes of rose with ruby red grapefruit, this hybrid offers a divine flavor profile that brings justice to her name.

Crystal-coated emerald buds are wrapped with vibrant amber hairs in a display as enticing as Green Goddess’ fragrance. Blissful euphoria rushes through the mind, bringing with it a surge of focus and intrigue while eradicating life’s stressors.


Ghost Bubba


Ghost Bubba cannabis strain is an 80/20 Indica dominant hybrid created by unknown growers. Be careful, as her THC levels can reach 15-23%. Ghost Bubba pot got her name for the extremely frosty buds she produces.

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Pink Kush


Pink Kush, as coveted as its OG Kush relative, is an indica-dominant hybrid with powerful body-focused effects. In its exceptional variations, pink hairs burst from bright green buds barely visible under a blanket of sugar-like trichomes, with traces of a sweet vanilla and candy perfume. The potency of this strain could be considered overpowering, and even small doses are known to eliminate pain, insomnia, and appetite loss. Growers have to wait 10 to 11 weeks for Pink Kush’s flowering, but high yields of top-shelf buds are worth the wait.




Pinewarp (also known as BC Mountain Pinewarp) is a fragrant strain with fascinating time-bending effects. It emits a strong pine aroma that mingles with earth and berry notes when broken up, filling the nose with a smooth floral fragrance. The high is elating and cozy without being too heavy, imbuing the consumer with gleeful focus that can effortlessly carve hours off an activity. Pinewarp is a perfect option for consumers looking to relieve stress and depression while remaining engaged and productive.