We have a wide assortment of candy edibles, and a range of other food edibles and drinks, including chocolates. Our candies are infused with only the highest quality cannabis. Quality ingredients in cooking anything are so important. For high-quality candy, you have to include high-quality cannabis. We watch our quality and our processes very closely.

This candy is completely discreet and perfect for people who need to medicate “on-the-go.” People who suffer more severe ailments usually combine consuming the candy with our Topical treatments and Tinctures.

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Canna Clique THC Candies 200mg


Canna Clique offers fresh great tasting THC candy! Edible marijuana gummy candies offer a sweet and easy option for mail order marijuana users.


Herbivore’s Cherry Cola 150mg


Cannabis infused cherry cola gummies. 6 candies per pack, 25mg per candy.

Gone Green Medi Berries 100mg


A perfect fit for a non smoker that wants to get uplifted and feel great. Pieced out at 10mg per

CBD Fruit Salad 400mg


These yummy treats have been infused with Organic, Nano-Amplified CBD Hemp Extract and are the tastiest way to get your


Watermelon Explosion 200mg


Watermelon Explosion – Real Watermelon Flavor with a strong high!


Herbivores Edibles – Variety Pack 275mg


27mg per package 11x25mg Herbivores Edibles is Excited to offer a variety pack of its wide range of cannabis-infused edibles.

Syndicate Sweets Edibles

$15.00 $13.00

Discreet, portable, and often-times potent. Syndicate Sweets Edibles is a British Columbia company that uses the finest local ingredients. Syndicate


Sweet Tooth Mini Pastilles – Assorted Flavors 400mg


Perfect for dosing, these 10mg pieces are easy to figure out what amount works for you. The high these mini

Remedyz Candies 40mg-400mg


Remedyz Candies are the best tasting THC Distillate edibles in Canada! Currently offered in 400mg packs (20-50 pieces per pack

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Strawbuzzies Candy Edibles – 150mg


Six flavour bursting candies infused with 25mg’s of Herbivore brand THC extract, a true 150mg pack that consistently proves its accuracy with a taste that will make you come back for seconds. Keep in mind the potency of this candy for one can get easily carried away!

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Tropical Pack Candy Edibles – 150mg


Six pieces that are each 25mg totalling 150mg per pack


Gone Green Medipop 175Mg


Gone Green Medi Pop XL – 175 mg THC

Assorted flavours such as Grape, Lime, Peach, Watermelon, Orange, Cherry, Strawberry.

*We will try our best to fulfil the flavour you ask for but due to limited quantities we cannot provide everyone with their choice of flavour. Please let us know what your secondary choice would be in the notes section.

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