Reward Points Program will be suspended indefinitely

Hello HighClub members,

We regret to announce our Limited-Time Reward Points program has been suspended indefinitely as of January 21, 2019, due to overall technical issues the program provided to our online store since we introduced the limited-time program over a year ago.

We introduced the Reward Points program in early 2018 to reward our loyal customer base with a great limited-time promotion, however, as we advertised this program as a Limited-Time promo to take advantage of while we continued to test the overall program and provided almost a year-long notice that the program was subject to be discontinued at any time, we have now had to make the decision to suspend the program due to the continual technical issues and bugs the feature would cause on our online store, and that would eventually crash our online store for a few hours last night.

This change will improve the overall experience for all of our users and we will continue to provide our other amazing discount programs, including our heavily-discounted sale product pricing and all of our great discount codes available on our Current Promos page, which we provide in order to live up to our goal of providing the best value for the dollar for cannabis in Canada. 

Thank you for shopping with HighClub – we appreciate your business and always strive to make ours better for you!

– The HighClub Team